NETW310 Week a couple of Lab Record

To total your Week 2 Laboratory Report, answer the 10 questions regarding the procedure engaged and the advantage of wiring requirements.

Create your report making use of the template starting on page 2 and submit it for the Week a couple of Dropbox by the due date. Name: NETW310: Professor Turkey

Current Date: doze March 18

Lab #2, Terminating Category 5e and Category 6th UTP Cable television

Lab Survey

Each response is worth eight points.

Make use of a red colored font for you answers.

You can put answers under the questions.

1 ) In the video clips you just observed where is a color code to use for the jack shown? Colour code is located on both sides of the plug for Cat 5e while shown in the picture: About left side of Cat 6th jack since shown in picture a couple of:

2 . Intended for the cables how a large number of possible termination color code methods are there? 2:

a few. How a large number of wires are available in a UTP cable?

8 wires or perhaps 4 pairs:

4. What colors are being used on these types of wires?

Fruit, blue, green, brown, orange/white, brown/white, green/white, blue/white

your five. The impact down instrument used to put the wires into a plug such as this really does what two things to each wire? Secures the wire into the slot and cuts the insulation on the wire

6. What is one of the most critical area of the termination procedure to ensure low crosstalk within the connection? Keep the wires twisted as much as possible until reaching the termination point (RJ-45 connector):

several. How is a outer padding covering each wire minimize through during the termination process? When using the impact tool, press down midway to secure the wire, in that case press down all the way, tightly, to lean the padding.

8. Which termination color code method is used in this kind of example? Termination color code B:

9. In which video is the wire separation structure shown?

The wire splitting up tower is shown in the second online video with the Kitten 6 cable:

10. Exactly where are the pin numbers demonstrated on the jack with the cable separation towers? It's located on the side of...


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