My Identity in this Society

Every single person in the society provides a unique and exclusive identity regardless of their particular sex, competition, appearance or perhaps family background. People perform different tasks under different situations or perhaps environments, for that reason people's identities are changed when they are required to fit in the surroundings.

I use two key identities in society —— consumer and learner. The identity of the consumer can be defined the two socially and biologically. The first strategy is simple mainly because whenever or perhaps wherever I purchase a thing, I turn into a consumer. This kind of happens almost every day and I cannot make it through without obtaining things on a regular basis. From one other perspective I really do not excavate or generate any solutions like normal water, grain, meat and minerals, however We am constantly using them, and thus I can be looked at as a buyer in terms of the entire ecosystem or, on a smaller scale, human society. The other identity is additionally straight forward. Throughout the seventeen years that I had been living in this world, approximately just fourteen years had been spent in schools learning. In fact , costly incontestable reality the primary aim for teenagers is to continue learning till we have a satisfactory foundation of expertise and the ability to survive in fierce contests. As we be a little more mature, even though the time used on learning may possibly decrease, the identity of any learner is usually lifelong.

Of course , I have various other identities in term of my part in society, but relatively speaking they can be not as significant as the two I have presented. Yet , I believe that embracing and perfecting just about every identity of ours is significant to get achieving quality in life.


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