Agenda Appointment


Weekly Appointment




eight: 50a. meters


SMEPS office

Conference Manager:

Wesam Qaid

Be aware taker

Rania AL-Mamari


Rania, Fekri, Wafa, and Mawaheb


1-Meeting Debate point:


Debate and Actions Point


Projects concerns:


Speak with Somia about B. At the about M. E price range.

Wafa would a great job a week ago of collecting impact examination of WBOT. Set with Rania and Fekri for B. Elizabeth customization to get farmers. Rania has to speak to Wael to inquire about more info in employing B. At the farmers curriculum in Algeria and when do we have the player curriculum. Educate the consultant to train the farmers.

Demonstration from Wafa about the impact assessment of WEBOT teaching to present this in SFD meeting. Mawheb has to follow-up YBC supervisor Mohammed Hemena for applying Business Women plan of May. Mawheb has to start to evaluate the project through selecting beneficiary and know their current situation after being involved in project activities.


Following up learning Sana'a, Hodida, IBB, and Taiz.

Face difficulties due to B. Elizabeth partners hold off the accounts and related documents. Contact Wafa B. E set up for Tanto.

Follow up the Monitoring and Evaluation expert.

Assessment for brand spanking new business advantage partners.

Fresh assistant to get issuing accreditation for lovers instead of Wafa.


Set with Rania to see farmers B. Electronic new modification.

Set with Wesam and Wafa to see the impact of WBOT training.


Completed the impact evaluation for WBOT training.

Followup B. Elizabeth new trainers and help to make interviews with them.

Follow-up B. E certificates.


Training N. E in Marketing for Business Women in Mukall during 5-8 May possibly 2013. Plus the same schooling will be in Aden, and Hodida will probably be handled a few weeks. Having Business Women type Outside Yemen( Philippa and Mona ) but waiting the reviews from Fekri. YBC policy for May...


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