The soap, bath and shower category has experienced steady gains, despite like a functional and mature market. However , brands should be willing to address the changing regulatory environment and an the aging process population in order to stay on a good growth way.

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The market

Number 1: Total US product sales and enthusiast chart forecast of detergent, bath and shower products, at current prices, 2008-18 Market factors

Households with children travel use, tend to be on the fall

Figure two: Product make use of, by occurrence of children in household, January 2014 Changing regulatory environment could impact category

Segment performance

Determine 3: Total US price tag sales of soap, bath and shower room products, simply by segment, in current rates, 2011 and 2013 The buyer

Bar cleaning soap, liquid side soap, and body clean are used by simply majority of consumers Figure 5: Use of cleaning soap, bath and shower items, January 2014 Scent and moisturizing benefits are important to category users Figure 5: Top 10 rewards sought, by product type, January 2014 Interest in says is excessive, though buyers more happy to spend for skin care benefits Figure 6: Affinity for and willingness to pay much more for top five claims, January 2014 Promotional incentives are popular with category shoppers

Figure six: Interest in five formats, by product type, January 2014 What we think

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Problems and Information

How can brands bring added value into a price-driven category? The issues

The implications: Enhance skincare benefits, leverage customer's interest in comfort What options are there to better engage an aging...


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