Prof. Umesh Singh, Coordinator, DST Middle for Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences, Prof Sengupta, Dean Faculty of Science, Prof Joshi, other recognized members of college of the School, and most importantly, dear learners. I many thanks all pertaining to inviting me to be within your midst during the 150th labor and birth anniversary get-togethers of Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya. It is a great honour and privilege for me.

Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya

2 . You have presented an opportunity to myself to shell out my homage to the ‘Mahamana' by delivering a spiel as part of the get-togethers of his 150th delivery anniversary. Having been one of the greatest personas that this land has ever produced. In lots of senses, having been what most of the top class organizations today strive to produce. He was, at the same time a fantastic patriot, an eminent educationist, a tutor of instructors, a silver-tongued transcendental orator, an ancient and a modern head, a reluctant but an prestigious lawyer, a social reformer, a great human being, a torch-bearer of the downtrodden, and above all, a great nation builder. This individual lived his life for people and for the near future generations. Every alumnus of BHU will stay ever thankful to him for having produced this college or university, a capital of all self-control.

My connection with BHU

3. Naturally , some of you know of my own association with this famous University as well as the city of Varanasi. I slept in this city from my own early child years, did my personal schooling here and then became a member of the BHU for my personal graduation and post graduation. Then, We became a lecturer in this article while I attacked my Ph. D. We taught in charge of about 5 years and regard that time as one of the best times of warring. Though my own career progress in the financial system which includes joining the RBI was not as a statistician, I must confess that the deductive ability and articulation skill based on sound knowledge of statistics, which I developed during my academics career both equally as a college student and teacher of Figures at BHU,...


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