With this report I am talking to you about a sort of mood disorder known as zweipolig mania. Sometimes given the circumstance's the bipolar disorder can raise from simple to extreme or serious and hostile level, just like bipolar type 2 . Bipolar mania type 2 takes place when a individual's mood changes between depressive disorder and anger irritability. In on I will explain and document indications of this disorder. I will analyze Adam Saddlers character Completely happy Gilmore, and also how that affected his everyday life. Samples of symptoms:

* Happy loved hockey

* Following his dad's death completely happy developed a quick fuse. Didn't take much to set him off. At the start of the movie having been playing hockey for crew try outs. * Initially sign of anger irritability was when he beat up the opposing player for pressing his dance shoes puck. Then simply hit the puck very hard it shattered the a glass. * Subsequent that this individual got anger because he didn't get called for the team. The coach manufactured a smug comment and so in retaliation he beat the coach up and hit everyone that intervened. 2. The first sign of depression was when is Partner left him because he was going no place with his life. He did not make the team so this individual felt it absolutely was hopeless. As a result he started making kissing sound to the audio. * The second time he got anger was when the repo gentleman told him that they had been going to take his grandmother's house and belongs since she would not pay taxes. He advised the repo man that he failed to hate him and right after that plonked him by using a glass door. As the movie progressed upon happy skilled another episode of depression. * The other time he got depressed was as they didn't desire his grandma to lose the actual house his grandfather constructed by hand. To assist get funds to obtain the house this individual entered the golf head to. * On this occasion when he received anger he pushed the caddie pertaining to doing his job, that was to carry the golfers golf equipment. * Up coming his opposition was talking bad regarding his efficiency, so...


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