MGT 12: Personal Financial Supervision

Undergraduate, Springtime 2013

Tuesday and Thursday 5: 00-6: 20PM

Location: Middle Hall, Space 109

MENTOR: Joe Pecore

EMAIL: [email protected] edu

TELEPHONE: (760) 533-6751

OFFICE: Otterson Hall 2E108

OFFICE HOURS: Thurs 3: 30PM-4: 30PM and by scheduled appointment

TEACHING CO-WORKERS: Brian Powers and Megan Magee

Brian Powers, [email protected] edu

WORKPLACE & BUSINESS OFFICE HOURS: Otterson Hall Rady Undergrad Lay 2S122, Thurs 1: 15-3: 15PM Megan Magee, magee. [email protected] com

OFFICE & OFFICE HOURS: Otterson Hall 2E108, Get married 3: 45-4: 45PM


This course is intended to give students a foundation in personal economical planning, cash strategy and cash management. Upon completion of the course, learners should have an awareness of affiliated terminology and possess basic expertise in personal finance and money managing.


Particularly, the program is intended to be foundational and help prepare students for financial independence after college graduation. Key learning areas could be the following:

2. Personal Financing Basics

2. Time Worth of money

2. Budgeting/Tracking Spending

* Bank

* Consumer Credit

* Enclosure

* Investment

* Retirement living


None of them



2. Personal Fund, 10th Copy, Kapoor, Dlabay, Hughes, McGraw-Hill/ Irwin, Incorporation., 2012. 5. Course Reader- Available through University Viewers. Purchase guidelines found on Wyatt


* Being current with Personal Fund world through many of easily accessible media stores such as CNBC, Personal Finance Experts, (Suze Orman), Wsj Personal Fund Section, Funds magazine, Personal Finance web page of Askjeeve Finance, etc…


It is important to attend class. On the whole, class time will include lectures, exploration of articles, insurance coverage of select personal financing topics and possible visitor speakers. Engagement and involvement are urged and will improve the learning knowledge and your class.


Students are expected to be ready for course by completing browsing and assigned homework. Home work will be gathered and will consist of a combination of terminology and complications from the text message. Generally, learners will be likely to read the section and article prior to school (preread) and submit the associated research assignment within the due date. Find schedule in next web page for specifics.

In order to acquire credit intended for homework, students must post a hard duplicate of the research by the beginning of class. It is suggested that students complete assignments using software. Microsoft Exceed is perfect for assignments while homework will be quantitative in nature.

There exists a project in order to personal spending for one month. This will end up being assigned a few weeks into the quarter and because of the last week of class. Excel is necessary for this.


Grading Category| Points [or percentage]

Class Participation| 10

Homework (3 assignments snabel-a 5 factors each)| 15

Personal Spending Tracker/Daily Spending Diary| twelve

Exam 1*| 20 or 25

Examination 2 *| 20 or perhaps 25

Final Exam *| 20 or 25

Total| 100

*For Exams, one may count greatest 25% and the others twenty percent each to comprise 65% of final level


A 93+ PointsC73-76

A- 90-92C-70-72


B83-86Fbelow 62




You are required to be present for Tests. If you are not able to be present to get a legitimate, inescapable emergency, you are required to give me notice of the explanation prior to the exam. The decision to provide a make-up examination will be produced on a circumstance by case basis and make-ups are incredibly rare.


Course Date | Class Matter & Activities| Chapter | Assignments| April 2Apr 4| Introduction to CourseBasics of Personal FinanceTime Value of Money| 1| Read Phase 1 Browse Article you | April 9Apr 11|...


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