Theories of the Development of Moral Thinking, Attitudes & Beliefs ( Kohlberg, Turiel, Gilligan)

Lawrence Kohlberg

•He established the Moral Thinking Interview in his original 1958 dissertation, the interviewer uses moral dilemmas to determine which in turn stage of ethical reasoning a person uses.

•The problems are fictional short reports that explain situations in which a person needs to make a moral decision.

•Kohlberg experimented on this theory by meeting with boys outdated 10 to 16. These were presented moral dilemmas and where designed to decide if to value and the actual authority, follow the rules or perhaps ignore the guidelines, and interact to the needs and well being of other folks

•The individual is asked a systemic number of open-ended questions, like the actual think the right course of action is definitely? Why selected actions happen to be right or wrong?

Heinz Steals the Drug In Europe

A female was near death via a special sort of cancer. There was clearly one medication that the doctors thought may well save her. It was a sort of radium that a druggist in the same area had recently discovered. The drug was expensive to create, but the druggist was asking ten times what the drug cost him to produce. This individual paid one hundred dollar for the radium and charged $2, 000 for the small dose of the medication. The sick woman's partner, Heinz, visited everyone this individual knew to borrow the bucks, but this individual could only get together about $ one particular, 000, which can be half of what it cost. This individual told the druggist that his better half was dying and asked him to trade it more affordable or allow him to pay later. But the druggist said, " No, I discovered the medicine and I'll make money from it. " And so Heinz got desperate and broke in to the man's retail store to steal the drug intended for his wife. Should Heinz have broken into the clinical to steal the drug intended for his partner? Why or perhaps why not?

several Levels of Meaningful Reasoning

Level 1 Pre-conventional morality

•Stage 1 Behavior & Treatment Orientation

-- The child/individual is good to prevent being punished.

•Stage a couple of Individualism...


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