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UOB is the market leader in the field of credit rating and charge card businesses since it began in Singapore in year 1935. Through its extended historic fulfillment, it is now the main bank in the Asia Pacific Region.

UOB Lady's Card was launched in the year of 1989, aimed towards women, using a comprehensive comprehension of the needs of women as well as the desires of their heart

Above the next 12 months, UOB will certainly re release the Lady's Card in the market, with greater rewards and liberties exclusively personalized for women. This is certainly done so the card may remain relevant as more and more ladies are going into culture and that the attitude of the generation presently are completely different as compared to those in 1989.

The market where the Lady's Cards operates in is a oligopoly, through which it faces the main competition from DBS Women's cards and CitiBank Rewards Cards. Due to the fact that UOB Lady's card was released years prior to DBS Women's cards, it had received over a major portion of women market, ongoing to outsell its rival as it provides greater standing and it is seen as a better established card.

As society progresses, females nowadays happen to be better knowledgeable, securing better jobs in the industry and earning larger income that stand practically equivalent to the boys. This would enables them to have a higher standard of living, in that away whereby they are now in a position of affording goods which can be of a larger prices with regards to their needs and wants.

UOB Lady's Card features captured the hearts of numerous women that desire to have something which they can solely claim to become theirs plus the Lady's Card gave these people just that. This fully enables them to can use the credit card to their positive aspects and getting themselves better perks and privileges, some thing the men would not have it.

DBS Could Card was released in year 2004, to compete in the same marketplace as UOB. Although it has not been the initially card to be released to get the ladies, but it really was the first platinum card that was catered to get the ladies. Creating a Platinum card would sooner or later enjoy greater benefits, including higher credit value, and it further more elevate the social status of the card holder. It offered the ladies the " classy” look by having a platinum card that is certainly solely suitable for women.

CitiBank Returns Card can be described as card that generally catches the interest of the whole human population in the market. This could include the males, which gets bigger the market sizes, thus allowing for the bank to experience a higher market share to promote their card to. Moreover, the rewards credit card is a credit card that gives returning to the cardholder, benefits which have been up to five times greater than what they spent by using the greeting card for their several purchases and payments. UOB is one of the leading bank in the region and that they have great probability of produce and influence the marketplace. However , one of many weaknesses would be that the Lady's credit card has been around to get a period of time, therefore causing a familiarity with women population in Singapore. Hence to encourage card product sales, the bank needs to go the extra mile to increase come up with more attractive incentives that may suit the changing needs and wants in the women through this generation.

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2 . History

United International Bank Limited, UOB, was incorporated about 6th August 1935. Heading back to it is long record in the banking industry, UOB has heightened itself within the last 76 years and is at the moment a leading traditional bank in Asia. It provides a varied range of finance through it is global network which consists of 500 office buildings in nineteen countries and various areas in the Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America. It is additionally inclusive of, however, not limited to, the banking subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Mainland China. Inside the context of Singapore, UOB is a marketplace leader in the field of Credit and Debit Cards Businesses, and also the exclusive residential home mortgage businesses. In addition, it play a role in...


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