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Project Name: Supervision Information Program Project Job Subject: Sport Data Software Presenter Name: Hussein Jumaa Submitted To: Dr . Walid Najjar Division: Physical Education( Sports Managing ) Information Sport Info Software is designed Sport Application for Info and Information system regarding martial arts Occasions, Data base, Team, Clubs and Players around the world linked to the World Federation of Each Sport. Project Goals п‚· Importance of MIS in our Life п‚· MIS and Roles in our specialist life and work field п‚· LOS helps to Coordinate and Control Sports Incidents and Information Team/Resources п‚· World Federation of all Fighting methods Sports п‚· World Karate Federation


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three or more. Importance of MIS in Firm 4. What is Sport Data Software? a few. Why Sport Data Software? System Components: пЃЅ пЃЅ пЃЅ пЃЅ пЃЅ пЃЅ пЃЅ пЃЅ пЃЅ пЃЅ пЃЅ Sport Data Software Service Charges Sport Data Event Technology Set Online Platform Statistics, Celebration Archive and online shops Event Manager On the web Help Recommendations Partners Keep up to Date Downloads

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This Project is likely to represent the role of Management Information System (MIS) in world of Sports. MIS acquires a high level of importance in processing organization operations, making decisions and dexterity between different business features in sports activities. This job will focus on role of MIS in Organization management, and will reveals the advantages it is going to offer. The primary objective with this paper is always to show on the major program used in companies called Sporting activities Data Event Technology. This project contains information about sport data technology that are researched, and information that are obtained.

2-What is definitely MIS

Management Information System (MIS) delivers good details for agencies and managers, and ahead of get to clarify this big term as a one enterprise, each term need to be decided aside. Method is a set of put together parts basically as a one unit; made up of common specifications and guidelines, it presents the plan or perhaps way to adhere to in order to do whatever. Data is without value or meaning devoid of applying these people into a program that will remove information through the data to adopt decision. Details is know-how, it is an significant element for those and group works to achieve education as well as to do work nowadays. Information is definitely data that happen to be facts and figures. Consequently information is a basic and critical useful resource in any business. Management can be explained as organizing, planning and handling any procedure. It is a procedure for allocating organization‟s assets, in order of having a great production of product or services. Supervision will be usually more accurate and efficient provided that it depends upon knowledge to get truthful data. LOS as a whole term are mixtures of hardware and software, and used to process data. In any business organization MIS is being used in different managing levels in addition to all features with ideal information based on data coming from both internal and external sources, to aid managers handle business problems and try to fix them including market issues, national difficulties and intercontinental challenges. Likewise MIS devices provide an additional interesting characteristic which is forecasting or prediction. It helps organizations to test and examine its business approaches by using ruse program that runs " What if? ” scenarios. 3-Importance of LOS in Business In modern age, management will depend on entirely about information to successes in every single field of business. Usage of information became the key aspect for electric power in businesses, which help them to develop all their resources. Using MIS will lead to better usage of information which leads to better planning, better decision making and better results. LOS is a unique oriented system which is useful for management in a...


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