Master of the Lures as a Faith based Allegory

By Kristian Moe

There are many ways to read «Lord of the Flies». To some it really is simply a great adventure story about a band of boys trapped on a wilderness island, others interpret that, and see the boys as metaphors for important facets of our everyday lives. Many different theories had been presented, claiming to explain Golding's symbolism. What many apparently have overlooked, is that the answer is right generally there in front of them. It is in the name: «Lord of the flies», a translation with the greek expression «Beelzebub». And what do many people think about if they hear this name? Satan, Satan himself… «Lord of the Flies» is definitely an allegory showing the fight among Christian and Pagan beliefs. The character that more than any person represents Christianity in the book is definitely Simon. The very first time you read the story, he can probably the figure that is the toughest to describe and find a purpose for. He is several and does not fit in among the friends, But if you go deeper in the book, it becomes more and more obvious that Simon's life on the island is strikingly similar to the your life of another individual that would not fit in. A person that lived several 2000 in years past in Israel. Just like Christ Simon cared about the little and susceptible, he adored nature and living. Claire is also a prophet. This individual knows that Rob will come returning to civilization in. He will not say everything with himself or Piggy. Neither Simon nor Jesus will be ever scared, because they are sure that what is intended to happen will certainly prevail. These were both capable of challenge the unknown and conquer that. Jesus received over death, Simon encountered the Beast and returned alive. Jesus did it for all your people living on Earth, Bob for the other boys. What is so perplexing and miserable is that they were both murdered when they attempted to share the actual had discovered. They were both equally killed in anger and in the belief that these people were evil. On the reverse side, representing...


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