Legalizing Marijuana

Sharon Cook

SOC 120

Instructor Tim Carter

September 12, 2011

Legalizing Marijuana

Legalizing Marijuana has become an ongoing controversy for many years. Pot is considered the entrance drug that leads to the usage of much stronger drugs. The use of Pot is highly addicting and can trigger long-term users many difficulties when looking to stop. Marijuana is also used to help decrease the discomfort for individuals with Glaucoma, Cancer, Arthritis, and many other illnesses. Patients have reported feeling more comfort with less discomfort after the use of Marijuana. By an moral standpoint and then for these medical purposes Weed should be legal.

If Marijuana is usually legalized it would create a volume of problems. One of many problems would be that the drug holding would take advantage of it around the black market and it will become more of your international trouble than it is currently (New Press to Legalize Marijuana in Washington State, 2011). The individuals that would keep it alive could kill to shield it as a result of money included. Marijuana has been bought and sold across the world and the smuggling of it out-and-in of the U. S. brings about many assorted crimes and even death.

Marijuana has many damaging chemicals as of yet it is signed up at 425 that convert to thousands when ever smoked. The medical complications it causes are not merely short term although can be long term as well. These types of problems vary from pre fully developed cancer, major depression, memory loss, and craving. Cancer is one of the main medical threats which is more harmful than cigarette in smokes (Marijuana should not be legal since, 2001). Consequently , the dependency rate can be higher and can lead to harder drugs.

The usage of Marijuana on the long period can lead to many years of addiction. Drug addiction influences the lives of many people in our culture today. Medication addiction is actually a compulsive tendencies that effects how people function within their daily lives. It can influence how you handle your family, institution, work, and recreational activities. Some research implies that approximately 9 percent of people who use Pot will become addicted (Info Details: Marijuana, 2010).

Individuals who have been hooked on Marijuana to get long periods of time present symptoms of disengagement when they try to stop. Some of these withdrawal symptoms are anxiousness, loss of urge for food, sleeplessness, and irritability (Info Facts: Weed, 2010). These symptoms produce it hard pertaining to the users to be abstinent pertaining to very long. Sometimes if unable to stop due to the withdrawals users go through some may substitute the Marijuana make use of with one other drug such as pills or perhaps cocaine. This leads to yet another craving and further complications down the road.

Marijuana that is traded today is usually 25 more times while potent when it was many years in the past. The main ingredient found in Cannabis is THC (Tetra Hydrocannibinol). THC impacts the brain leading to a " high” the user is trying to find. These parts of the brain are cannabinoid pain. Some brain areas have many of these pain and others possess very few. These receptors will be in the regions of the brain that effect pleasure, concentrating, pondering, and dexterity (Marijuana really should not be legal mainly because, 2001).

The federal Controlled Substance Work (CSA) classifies marijuana as a schedule We drug. As being a schedule I actually drug, marijuana has a excessive potential for mistreatment and no satisfactory medical use (Dresser, 2009, pg. 1, para. 1). By the midsection of 2009, fourteen says passed laws and regulations permitting the use of medical pot under specific circumstances. People and doctors in these just fourteen states can not be prosecuting pertaining to breaking condition laws intended for possessing or perhaps growing pot (Dresser, 2009).

You will discover studies which were done displaying that people who use pot regularly possess high anxiousness, depression, and schizophrenia. These same studies show the fact that age a person selects to start applying is a big factor. Individuals that start using by a young...

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