1 . Fred is consumed and driving a car his father's car. Wendy is a twenty one year old student at Columbia College. Wendy rams in a parked car at 10th and Rogers. Thinking no person saw him; Fred goes his car and theme parks it by using an adjacent whole lot. He sprints to his dorm room in Miller Lounge. A neighbour saw the wreck and Fred running towards the dorm. Police these are known as and they appear ten a few minutes after the damage. The officers see a number of empty beer cans and a bottle of flaschen (half full) in the entrance seat. The tags are traced to Fred's dad, who is called by law enforcement officials. Dad says that Fred is a student at Columbia College. Authorities run Fred's record and determine that he provides two preceding DWIs in the past five years. Another DWI in 10 years is known as a felony. Police contact Columbia College protection who prospects them to Fred's dorm. James is handed out, so security let us them in. The officers smell intoxicants, give Wendy some Field Sobriety tests (he fails) and confirm that he was generating the car. Sally is imprisoned for DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED. It is his third criminal offense, a criminal offence under Missouri law. James is given a breath test, which registers at. 13 on the range. During the finalizing of his arrest paperwork, the representatives search Fred's possessions which in turn he delivered to the stop, and a little quantity of crack is found in Fred's pocket. James is billed with DWI, leaving the scene, and possession of crack. What problems do you discover? How should they be resolved? (50 points)

First of all this, is a legal arrest. A neighbor noticed the destroy and James running to the dorm. That may be sufficient by itself to establish potential cause to arrest James for going out of the scene of an incident. The a muslim police analysis added even more factors to determine probable cause to police arrest for DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE and departing the scene. A prosecuting attorney will show evidence that a) James has no diversion for time and date the criminal offenses occurred, b) he still left evidence with the scene and in his motor vehicle, c) this individual failed the Field Sobriety Tests, d) he blew a. 13 on the breathalyzer, e) and he has past data of DWI, and f) he was found to have possession of cocaine. The prosecuting legal professional uses this course of particular examples to prove Sally committed the crimes. There is an issue of whether or not it was legal for the security guard to provide access to Fred's room. This matter would be solved because it is totally legal pertaining to security guard to give access due to exigent instances.

2 . Cole State deputies obtain a search bring about for Mike's trailer pertaining to controlled chemicals. The warrant was based upon information given by an police informant, some official corroboration, as well as the fact that Robert has a earlier record intended for drug offenses. The deputies execute the warrant. As it turns out, Mike has no earlier record intended for drugs, the court clerk made an error. This means the warrant will be found short of probable cause by the appellate court. Whilst executing the warrant, that they observe a great deal of controlled chemicals, which they grab. While they are executing the warrant a person drives up and knocks on the door. The officers detain the man during the search. The dog accompanying the representatives begins to bark at the male's trunk. The officers open the shoe and see significant trash bags with a element which scents and looks just like marijuana. This kind of man (Larry) is caught for own marijuana. Mike is recharged with own a handled substance. Are definitely the drugs admissible in Court against Mike? Why or perhaps why not? What about Larry's circumstance, are the drugs admissible? For what reason or perhaps you should? (50 points)

Whether this kind of search is definitely legal or not depend upon which exact instances under which in turn it was executed. In a situation like this, the police have authority to stop and detain anyone going to or departing the home as they turn up to execute the search warrant. When you are lawfully detained, they have the right to conduct by least a pat straight down search for police officer safety reasons.

In the event the drugs had been found being a...


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