The novel Inside the Castle Of My Skin area by Barbadian novelist George Lamming and Wide Sargasso Sea by simply Jean Rhys, a local of Dominica both package in-depth while using lives with their characters during colonialism. Likewise each publisher tackles the concept of alienation and loss of id placed upon their heroes, through this kind of literary methods as point of view, setting and characterization. One can successfully compare the books and keep pace with attain a larger appreciation and understanding of the authors and the works. In The Castle Of My Pores and skin Lamming displays alienation through point of view. In chapter 11 he reverts back to first person in the tone of G. G is the central character of the novel, he's depicted as an autobiographical character of Lamming at an early age. G's feeling of alienation takes place when he comes back from secondary school and is separated socially via others inside the village. Effortless him to get part of one other world, a global that they did not understand as it was simply made available to a selective handful of. The prestige, knowledge and self-confidence offered within the confinements of the high school graduation was unfamiliar to the villagers therefore they could no longer accept G to be one of them nor could he recognize them.

I used to be no longer among the boys. whether or not they wanted myself they ruled out me from their world just like my storage of them and the village ruled out me from your world of the High School. It will have been easier to go to a more respectable region. (212)

G's knowing of his indifference and segregation from world is somewhat similar to that of Antoinette Cosway, a young Creole girl who may be living in Discovery bay, jamaica during the times of emancipation. At the beginning of the new Rhys features the small girl in first person viewpoint, like In The Castle Of My Skin this allows readers to understand better what the protagonists are thinking. Antoinette as we afterwards find out is definitely her brand is tired of the adversities set on with her, she realizes along with her mom that she actually is an outsider to the white-colored social school " I have heard it said when problems comes close rates and so the white-colored people would. But we were not in there ranks". Antoinette was not simply alienated socially but likewise physically because of her present stay in Coulibri real estate which remote her by others, guests were unusual and those blacks in and around the area hated her and her family they will saw all of them as " white niggers" therefore searching down on all of them. Antoinette was alone she knew this kind of and quickly grew to accept her situation " I managed to get use to a solitary life", to get a young girl like Antoinette whose days should be packed with joy an growth to admit and accept a solitary life highlights the reality and seriousness to be alienated through the colonial period. Rhys just like Lamming as well used the technique setting to develop the thought of alienation; both main character types are located in the Caribbean during colonialism, G in Barbados and Antoinette in Discovery bay, jamaica. During these moments whites were the colonial time power and blacks were the sub- serviant poor worker, having such advantages as likely to High School just like G or the disadvantages of being a poor Creole did not go unnoticed among the Caribbean cultural settings, and such changes were not accepted leaving those engaged feeling outcast and alone. " Dark people was about in groups to jeer at her, specifically after her riding clothing grew cheap (they know clothes they will know money)". It was significant for lamming and Rhys to utilize the West Indian setting for his or her novels to describe the difficult country lifestyle of the small town and its flaws which result the personas. Later through the novels loss of identity can be analyzed by using characterization. Rhys enters in the personal lifestyle of Antoinette to discover the protagonists feeling of loss. Antoinette put in most of her childhood exclusively, afraid, insecure and in opposition she acquired no one yet herself for answers, her...

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