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With an in depth exploration of the poem and the offered activities, the scholars should be able to: a. generalize the meaning of the poem through recitation;

b. voluntarily share their particular output about the virtues present in the poem; and c. follow a melody being taught and execute actions properly


A. Subject Matter

Composition: If

M. Reference

Josefina Payawal-Gabriel Ph level. D. a

Edda Manikan Martires Copyright laws (2008) British III (New Edition). Quezon City: St . Bernadette Creating House Corporation

C. Supplies

Manila newspaper

Power stage presentation

Spider web

Job sheet

D. Key Principles

If everybody could ignore their deficits and look at the future with hope; achievement will come. If perhaps everyone could live in The lord's purpose, all their life may have sense.

E. Skills

Examining between the lines.

Recognizing key ideas.

N. Value

Sometimes in doing the ideal thing, we have to be good; and give up the things we wish even the dreams.


A. Preparation


1 . Content the manila paper with all the song " What If” written onto it What If

What happens if the world can be flat?

Will you still say love the actual world try?

What if it's always dark?

Would you hide without making a audio?

What if I didn't satisfy you?

What if I didn't care?

Could we still be friends similar to this with the take pleasure in we talk about? (2x)

installment payments on your Instruct the students to listen to you while you sing it so they will be able to find out its melody.

3. Sing it with them for three times. After that tell them to stand and follow the actions of the tune.

4. Sing it together with the actions that you just taught all of them.

B. Display

1 . Prove to them the power stage presentation having the poem " If. ”

If Brief summary

The poem entitled If perhaps is about living one's existence in a way that could make him a better person. It can be grabbing every moment conceivable so that he can be able to give meaning to his individual purpose or perhaps the mission that God gave him.

installment payments on your Read the composition yourself initial then let them know to follow with their eyes and try to take note around the words which are unclear to them.

a few. Read the composition aloud together with the students to get the second studying.

4. Every row can give the words that they were not capable to understand. Success Disaster

Knaves Stoop


your five. Then require the other rows to provide meaning towards the words applying context signs.

Triumph Happiness or delight about accomplishment.

Disaster An individual or anything unsuccessful.

Knaves Dishonest and deceitful people.

Stoop Twisted downward.

Heap A large amount of anything.

6. Process their answers by hooking up it to the real/correct that means of the word being unlocked.

7. Demand volunteers to come in entrance and type some test sentences using the unlocked words and phrases.

There is sucess in every victory.

Disaster comes when we are not really careful in the things we all do.

Knaves are like devils in cover.

The stoop buildings are under monitoring.

He gave me a heap of aide.

8. Separate the class in eight. Then assign a stanza for every group. Provide a cut out of or a portion of the spider net and explain to write the desirable qualities which are reported in each stanza.

being unfaithful. After their very own group dialogue, post the cut out on the board then simply call for every single group to speak about their outcome.

10. Correctly . the following inquiries:

Who is the speaker in the poem?

Head of the family.

Why does the poet guidance us not to make dreams our learn?

Because we might do wrong things for us to be able to reach our dreams. What does " one pile of all your winnings” suggest?

It means taking a look at all your achievement and not thingking your failures.

C. Generalization

Call for a offer to conclude the meaning of the composition and give a principle from it. The poem is about currently taking...


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