Have you ever had a feeling of hypoxia? Hypoxia, not enough oxygen, happens in verity of place, such as body of a human, aquatic and subterranean conditions. In the last century, hypoxia occurs in the whole globe especially chinese suppliers. This is one of the most serious man-made environment issues that Chinese people try to handle.

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Blue- green climber are one of the biggest environmental challenges because it causes hypoxia. Hypoxia is a sensation that occurs in aquatic conditions as mixed oxygen becomes reduced in concentration into a point bad for aquatic organisms living in the program.


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In china, not enough oxygen in aquatic environment caused by lots of reasons yet all of those results from an excess of nutrition of human or natural origin that stimulates the expansion of climber.


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Hypoxia is one of the biggest issue Chinese persons faced, which has lots of awful influence on whole environmental system.


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Chinese do lots of things to solve this challenge, such as environmental protection of waterway specifically rivers and reducing substance pollutants.

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Hypoxia is brought on by human and these cause lots of environmental problem and economic reduce. Reducing the contamination can be our essential mission, and we should use no effort to deal with the hypoxia.

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