Michael Beers

History 106-01

Mr. Horlor

July 12, 2013

Lifespan and Works of Herodotus and Fosa Qian

A Research-Based Commentary


In the book Herodotus and Sima Qian (2010), Thomas Ur. Martin challenges of the Ancient greek Historian plus the Chinese Vem som st?r Sima Qian. Martin displays that although historians' governmental policies, cultures, and time periods were different, both historians had the natural desire to record their subjective view of history as objectively as possible. Although they were not really the first writers of ancient Greece and China, their literature and their historical innovations designed and altered how the past was depicted from their traditions and on. Your life and Times of Herodotus

Martin's depiction of Herodotus' life would represent that Herodotus spent most of his life traveling to find out about the world. Matn writes about Herodotus' accounts of touring around the Mediterranean, visiting the numerous bodies of water presently there, and venturing too much of Mesopotamia. Everywhere this individual went, he asked questions about a history and customs of the numerous peoples he encountered, the buildings and works of art this individual saw, the documents he read, plus the tales and legends noticed. Making queries, recording the answers, analyzing the likelihood that they were the case. In presenting his be the cause of others to guage - these were Herodotus's duties as a historian informed by simply first-hand understanding of his community. (Martin 3) Though he previously very little information regarding Herodotus' your life, Martin communicates in his intro that at first of Herodotus life, he was forced to break free from his homeland into exile as a refugee. Two wars noticeable the beginning of his life plus the end of his your life; The Local Wars and the Peloponnesian battle. Herodotus put in most of his life traveling. Herodotus as well had a famous work referred to as The Histories. Herodotus received the name " the father of history. ” Herodotus would not discriminate against non-Greek individuals when talking about historical specifics. Herodotus a new healthy value for non-Greeks and their ethnical norms even though it was not unusual to do so in ancient Greece. (Beers 2013) Life and Times of Fosa Qian

When ever Sima Qian was about five years old, his father, Talud Tan, became grand astrologer at the court docket of the Han dynasty emperor Wu. His father's tasks centered on Monitoring movements with the planets and stars and linking the celestial situations to issues that occurred on earth. The purpose of the documents was to give the Emperor with clues for the meaning of anything that took place in his area and to provide him with a diary indicating blessed and unfortunate days intended for performing personal and religious ceremonies. The Grand Astrologer's job require studying yesteryear, from substantial patterns to works of philosophy and literature, nevertheless the grand astrologer did not have official work of writing a story history. Fosa Qian received the intensive schooling appropriate for the son of an educated father operating at court docket: you could recite ancient text messages from memory by the time he was ten years aged. When he was twenty, Sima Qian traveled throughout China to visit popular sites and historical landmarks. Not long following he obtained a job with the imperial the courtroom. Over the up coming decade, this individual evidently performed well, since in 111 BCE, Chief Wu dispatched him with an expedition to reorganize part of the Emperor's terrain. (Martin 15)

Sima Qian's early existence mirrored that of Herodotus. Various wars in pre-Imperial China and tiawan were the first impression of young Qian's life. As a grand astrologer, Qian's father did not have the permission to publish a story history. In the father's loss of life bed, Talud Qian was asked to finish the work of the past his father had started. One of his first and greatest historical works was your Records of the Historian. In service of the chief at the time, Sima Qian liked many benefits and thrived. However , one day when Sima Qian spoke out of switch on General Li's...

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