Music is composed by four elements, this elements will be harmony, tempo, form and melody. I actually consider tranquility to be the most important and the most popular because harmony is what provides the feeling and character to a song. The harmony gives emotions to a song, several of this thoughts are misery, happiness and/darkness. Harmony can be any combination of tones simultaneously. It is the composition of music with respect to the structure and development of chords. It is often known as the " vertical” side of music with melody staying the " horizontal” part of music. Usually harmonization sounds nice to the hearing as long as the consonant and the dissonant sounds are well balanced. Which means that there is a balance between the " tense” and the " relaxed” moments. The word balance comes from the Greek term harmonia meaning " agreement” and from the verb harmozo that means " to joint”. In the past the term harmony was used to refer to the whole discipline of music while the word " music” was used to relate to the arts in general. There are different types of harmony. Some of these types are available position, close position, subordinate and coordinate. Even though some types of music can exist without a harmonious relationship like percussive music that does not utilize a harmonious relationship, doesn't signify all kinds of music can exist without balance. No, they can't. One of the makes of music that highlights the use of a harmonious relationship is brighten. Any music that utilizes tools like keyboard, guitar or perhaps voices utilizes harmony. A song which i like and highlights the use of harmony is " Resort California” by The Eagles. Through this song a few of the chords they use mimic the ringing from the " objective bell” together with hotel. There's also a Spanish feeling in the music that I believe could relate with the The spanish language heritage of California. Initially of the music there is also a " shaker” audio that sort of resembles those of the rattlesnake. When you listen to this audio you can imagine a desert. This all and other...


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