Harm to the environment is usually an unavoidable consequence

of worldwide improvement in the standard of living

Damage from the environment can be an inescapable consequence of worldwide improvements in the quality lifestyle. To what extent do you concur or disagree? From my personal point's watch, I'm really agreed with this declaration. The continual improvements of our living today have an impact within the environment, this kind of consequence is seen throughout the world. Produce our lives better the continue development it might have inevitable effect on the planet as well as welfare on us. For example improvement of sciences and technology to fulfill each of our needs, advancement stage in industry, quickly increasing of motor vehicles, making products because of our consuming all these actions of advancements of our living today have an effect on the environment.

Nowadays, we all live technology age. Were living the expansion stage in technology and sciences. In the last century, researchers discovered a lot of helpful correct inventions which caused a massive turn in our day to day life. One among which, is definitely the mobile phone and all other the latest technological devices. Although increasing incomes, technology, and technology have had a generally great influence upon our existence, they also warned the environment. I will look at how the development of technology and use of energy are harming our planet. A few take for instance the brand new new forms in the cellphones, these require development of the brand new methods. To make such telephones the technicians have to believe days, month or even years and they will have to use electrical power to run the computers, lights. At the same time the energy generating areas will have to source them with more power and so more emissions in the air will be released.

Besides, manufacturing of goods due to our consuming likewise harm to our environment, we know once there are more manufacturing, more pollution will certainly occurs plus more waste to get the landfill. For...


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