Positive Self Talk

● Positive Self Talk ​


both you and helps you

overcome life's CHALLENGES.

● Negative Do it yourself Talk makes self doubt, robs you

of energy besides making it more difficult to

defeat life's challenges.

What can positive self talk do for you?

1 . Positive:

● There's always next time

● I just have to try harder

● I am just normally at the pinnacle, so I understand I can operate my

long ago up!


Now i'm a failure!

I am just never going to get better at this!

This can be going to wreck my chances of getting a job!

I surrender

I'm stupid

2 . Great:

● I'm a good person

● I think they will everyone should be open me within their group

● This is a good chance to make good friends and

easily fit in


● I'm a loser! They will not like me!

● I will by no means be well-known

● Now i am not good enough!

several. Positive

● I seem fine!

● It's not really the end of the world!


● I appear fat from this

● I look revealing

● Everybody will giggle and assess me!


Stress is a effect of Amy situation or experience

on the mind and the body. Whenever we feel pressure our

heart rate and inhaling and exhaling speed up, our muscles

tense, and our body tempature goes up.

This is named the airline flight or battle response, since the

body is preparing to battle or try to escape. If we may

relieve the build up of stress chemical substances in the body,

they can cause headaches, stomach pain, irritability

and even severe disease.

Everyone has tension in their lives, it is your bodies

response to an event or perhaps situation. It is usually positive

(motivates you to attain things) or perhaps negative

(inability to relax). stress can be related to

personal/family relationships, institution or job.

Signs that you will be over pressured:



Sore muscles

Sleep problems


Deficiency of Confidence


Ways to lessen stress:

Progressive Muscle mass Relaxation

Great Self Speak



Seek Support

Any favored activities in order to you


Supporting yourself:

● Raising awareness of tension, its symptoms,

sources and stress relieving techniques

● Managing tension by changing aspects of the

behavior, thinking and life-style

● Planning and taking action to make sure your life

is fulfilling, exciting and worthwhile

● Gain access to support i. e. support of friends and family, friends,

acquaintances and professional help if necessary

What stresses me?

Bullying- name calling

Friends- not listening to you

Phobias- Claustrophobia

Insufficient sleep- Insomnia

School- a lot of work

Deficiency of time- away side of school commitments

WorkSocial Life- NONE OF THEM

Responsiblity- Now i am terrible with responsibility

Family- Always arguing



● Music

● Yoga

● Deep breathing

● Shade therapy

● Message

● Watching a relaxed movie

Music therapy:

Music therapy is a final clinical and

evidence-based use of music interventions to

complete individualized desired goals within a

beneficial relationship by a credentialed

specialist who has completed an authorized music

therapy program.

Music therapy is an allied well being profession and

one of the significant therapies, composed of an

interpersonal process where a certified music

therapist uses music and all of its facets—physical,

emotional, mental, social, artistic, and

spiritual—to help consumers to improve or maintain

all their health.

Music therapists primarily help customers improve

their very own health throughout various websites (e. g., cognitive

functioning, motor abilities, emotional and affective

development, behavior and social expertise, and

top quality of life) by using music experiences (e. g., cost-free

improvisation, performing, songwriting, playing and

speaking about music, shifting to music) to achieve

treatment goals and objectives.

It really is considered the two an art and a scientific research, with a

wide qualitative and quantitative exploration

literature base incorporating areas such as specialized medical

therapy, biomusicology, musical tone, music...


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