The brief story " The Surprise of the Magi” uses elements from " How to Examine Literature Like a Professor” in chapter 7 called " …Or the Bible. ” The brief story contains biblical sources concerning the main theme of sacrifice and the items from the cardiovascular. The story also includes references in people from the Christian bible.

Starting off together with the title that they even use a biblical reference with the " Magi. ” " The Bible is included with possible game titles, ” from how to read literature like a professor. The Magi were in the Fresh Testament and so they were the wise males from the East who helped bring gifts to baby Jesus on the initial Christmas. Xmas, which is a big part of the account, is also a biblical mention of the the Christian religion. " O almost all who provide and receive gifts, just like they are wisest. Everywhere they are wisest. They are the magi. ”

Its said in the history that Della's hair would envy the Queen of Sheba. It also says that Jim's view would be jealous of King Solomon. The Queen of Sheba and Ruler Solomon both are famous statistics from the Outdated Testament.

Queen of Sheba and King Solomon are both known to be very rich. The comparison of Della's curly hair and Jim's watch to Queen of Sheba and King Solomon shows essential and precious those goods are to Della and Jim.

The storyline is also biblically related since Della and Jim quit the one of the very important things to them to purchase presents for each and every other. That shows simply how much they take pleasure in each other. This story likewise represents sacrifice. " Rather the story when calculated resonates with the richness of faraway antecedes, with all the power of built up myth. ”


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