Sofia's defiance of her father's overprotective characteristics.

Sofia was sent to the Dominican Republic as a treatment for employing marijuana, although she wound up getting into more trouble by simply spending time with no chaperone with her bogus cousin, Manuel.

Sofia designed to get back together with her father throughout a birthday party. The lady broke custom, in that the daughters would usually come brand name their father's birthday, although she hosts the get together at her house to show off her German spouse and two blond kids. She and her father had fought against when he offender her of sleeping around during a trip to Colombia, exactly where she fulfilled her spouse, Otto. The girl ran abroad to assert her independence, and later married Otto. Though the get together was running nicely, Sofia was hurt that her daddy did not exhibit more devotion toward her. She embarrassed him with a seductive kiss in the headsets as part of a celebration game. Yolanda returned towards the Dominican Republic, possibly permanently, to take hold of her extended family and social roots. Her family believed she was crazy for driving into the countryside by herself, but the girl ignored them. She acquired lost trying to find fresh guavas, and then received a flat tire. When approached by two men, your woman panicked and pretended to not speak virtually any Spanish.


Sofia is definitely the youngest child and as a result would not have many crystal clear memories of life inside the Dominican Republic. She truly does remember the Haitian maid, Chucha, who performed voodoo spells. The moment she got older, your woman had " non-stop boyfriends, " ran off with Otto by Germany, and developed a tense with times honestly hostile romantic relationship with her father. After having a failed romantic relationship with a Dominican boyfriend, your woman embraces American attitudes toward sexual human relationships. She challenges sexual double standards that she detects to be more pronounced in traditional Dominican culture and claims her sexual freedom. She and her dad begin to overcome when the girl had her children, but at his birthday party the lady continues to display her sexuality and his powerlessness to control it by kissing his hearing in a especially seductive way.

During Sofia's rebellious period, she leaves home and prompts a significant rift in the family

Sofia uses libido as a application to digital rebel against her father and assert her independence.

The four Garcia daughters customarily gathered annually for their father's birthday. They came alone, leaving behind partners, boyfriends, and work. All their father Carlos would greet them, they can eat wedding cake, and then he'd give them envelopes filled with hundreds of dollars in small charges. The daughters always considered why he does not simply write investigations instead. On her behalf father's seventieth birthday, nevertheless , Sofia desired to break the tradition and possess the party by her residence, including the husbands and children. Sofia and her dad were finally speaking to each other again, following she got run away to get married. Her second child had simply been given birth to, and was named Carlos, after her father. He treated his namesake much better than his granddaughter because he was obviously a boy. His macho frame of mind bothered Sofia.

When the girl was young, she was the sister with " without stopping boyfriends. " Because her father had forbidden her to spend the night time with her boyfriend, your woman had to carry on vacation to enjoy any intimacy. She continued vacation to Republic of colombia with a boyfriend, but after having sex, split up with him. While in Colombia, the girl fell in love with Otto, a German traveler. After your woman returned residence, her daddy snooped in her storage and found sexually graphic albhabets from the German born man. That they had a terrible disagreement in which her father offender Sofia of trying to ruin his great name and reputation by simply sleeping about. Sofia became so furious and damage during this combat that she ran abroad. She visited Germany to get the man to marry her, which he did. Your woman sent her family postcards from their vacation, and invited them to visit her and her spouse in their fresh home in Michigan. Once...


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