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AMATS is a non-public business that provides Software creation, Web hosting and computer and network maintenance. Their particular knowledge in developing an info System and computer protection is their best asset.

Automatic Water Stocking Management and Information Program

Automated Drinking water refilling supervision and data system is an information system that fully integrated system and may allow you to boost quality control and help enhance business income by letting you more effectively carry out budget and cost management. Because the system is fully integrated, you will be able to quickly discover areas of redundancy and labor duplication. The device allows for total traceability at the same time. The water stocking information method is very easy and may fully understand by user.


Fully computerization of water refilling station. Keeping track of the daily staff and transaction records as they go on for their business.

System Analyze:

The water refilling business is one of the fastest developing businesses now a day. The biggest is actually how to screen your day to day deal such as delivery and walk-in entry, first in first out of produce bottled water, inventory of Container and cap, customer records and especially personnel details entry. The transaction from the business can be depends on how many normal water delivery and water fill up that they carry out every day.

To record all the transactions they will write that in their record notebook or encode inside their computer using Microsoft surpass. This kind of record keeping is very risk mainly because at anytime all the transaction record can be shed and can be change by anyone.

Feasibility Study

With the use of this proposed system every file are guaranteed, can create backup of all the business deal record, secureness, and routine service and easy to use are the tips of the recommended system. With the aid of the system the business transaction...


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