Financial Theory & Financial Technique

By Stewart C Myers

How do companies integrate ideal planning and financial evaluation? It appears to be relatively haphazard oftentimes. Senior managing sets a direction, eye-sight and objective statement based upon who the firm is now and how it has evolved. Then simply sets the firm's program based upon all their ideas of who they are and who they might wish to become. The financing department that handles the financial preparing and examination may support the tactical initiative in some manner, but not in an integrated, healthy approach.

The organization may assess projects dependant on the net present value (NPV) of anticipated cash runs for that job. In a proper sense, the financial planning deals with the firm's capital needs and decisions. 1 idea is to look at every project as the own mini-firm, an all collateral project or company (Myers pg. 127). General Motors, for example , is based upon this kind of strategic organizing and monetary planning. When a project is recognized as, looking at the NPV how it has been carried out. Will the job contribute to the bottom line or will it cost money. Corporations may not be limited to the number and scope of projects while smaller companies are. On the other side, they may need bigger projects to create a significant contribution to the firm.

One note by simply Myers, " is that the option cost of capital depends on the utilization of funds, certainly not on the resource. You can make far more money through smart purchase decisions than smart loans decisions. ” The financing decision might boil down to saving 50 basis items, perhaps even 100 or 200 basis items depending upon the firm and capital accessed. Yet the job may have results that earn 15-16%, even twenty percent. This impact is remarkable and good as compared to the financing decision.

Myers believes that a majority of strategic organizers are not well schooled in the tools of recent finance (pg 12). The strategic organizing may be associated with an issue with marketing, how...


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