The atmosphere is so blue, birds running through the air flow, it almost built forget so why I was standing up there. And yet this day felt so familiar. Kind of like my personal eleventh birthday....... all my good friends were there, in my small property in Kentkucky. All my family had proven up, your girl I actually liked was there. It absolutely was like a dream become a reality. I nonetheless remember those days when I was happy. Occasions back then had been good right up until that working day when it every began. It had been an average time there in Ohio. Father went out to work to his business office and mother went to the school to teach. At the same time, I attended school, with all my friends unaware of the things i had coming. And then… when I got home all saw ten cars parked exterior. I knew some thing was wrong, so I ran inside. Millions of things went through me and as soon as I opened the door this news burst out. " Bob I have to let you know something” my mom said. Her eyes seemed like they were having back millions of tears. " What happened? ” I responded worriedly. " Your father passed away”. Then generally there I could certainly not help it but for cry as well. Days exceeded by with out one explained a word. Till we made the decision that probably it was time for you to move on and begin over. My friend got a new job straight down in New York; it looked like a perfect way to continue life. And also at first it had been. The kids by school looked cool and my mom appeared have been experiencing herself. Even though you could inform deep inside the girl truly wasn't. My fresh friend Adam came on the lot to the apartment, for time, I thought he was my best friend. Then we got a little elderly and we acquired new friends and people started changing. Time went by fast and there was no halting it. Every day my mom appeared more and more unhappy with her new task and for me everyday was a new part of a Shakespeare story. With the stress I recently didn't not any what to do. And now…... I am just not sure can certainly make money got here but Now i'm standing at the edge of my hotel building's roof. On top of that 50th floor, the individuals looked like small ants. Shifting fast yet no one genuinely...


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