Victoria and the Staveneys

As being a back young lady living in a society based on a race, and belongs to the fraction group is usually strongly challenging. Victoria experience poverty in the very beginning of her existence, looking after her ante was just a minimal part of her problems. As the reader employs the story s/he notices the prejudices against her by the society as well as her family members. Everything is against the dark girl in a society which usually she will not belong to this, while Thomas, a white boy, lives happy ever after and nothing can stop him to enjoy his life a black and an urgent child whom he is actually her dad. His family members accepts this wrong performing with wide open heart as though nothing odd has happened. Unlikely, she even hasn't have the gut to come to the daddy of the child to share the responsibility with the daddy just because she is black, and so she has no right, while the boy is white, therefore all the privileges are his.

Even following being accepted while humiliated by Thomas's family, they may have the right not to let Mary's brother, a very black young man, comes to their house because it the actual atmosphere distinct and the friends uncomfortable.

And so Victoria accepts what happens one particular after the different, because the lady knows what being a dark girl means in such a contemporary society. She allows whatever that they expect to end up being only the section of the white relatives.

At last, whilst not being a faith based woman your woman accepts to be the wife of any religious gentleman just to become accepted by the society and many importantly to possess a family. It shows that the girl even would not have the flexibility of thought, so your woman should acknowledge it just since there is no other way.

Javad Maleki


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