Event Teasing: Rules of the Area

Now a day we often see the cases of event teasing for the daily. It is being disseminate from country side to country area day by day in fact it is being brought to the new era as regards event teasing on and on. We see a statistics compiled by Bangladesh Women Authorities of previous 10 months 3908 girls have been oppressed and stressed in various methods. Of which, suicide case was 300. Additionally , most all of such suicide events are involved with eve teasing.

At present, college, college, university or college going girls are often getting hunted of eve bullying on the street. It is to say, hunting of event teasing of your girl is so general visible, just in the opposition the visible of penalty of eve teaser is uncommon. Learner or perhaps not student such female as well take mentally preparing before going out from their place for this that she would become teased within the path with slung different languages or bad attitudes simply by vagabonds.

‘Eve teasing' in the street is one reflection from the inner beast in guys, women are subjected to this social bad irrespective what background they can be from.

The lexically meaning of bullying is to poker fun at a person playfully or perhaps annoyingly. It is a euphemism found in the subwoofer continent for sexual harassment or modesty of women simply by men, with eve being a reference to the biblical Eve. Namely, keeping hither and thither or perhaps turning point of college going course, to make tease known or perhaps unknown young lady, or make tone, brief review or screen abetment or perhaps throw slang language or perhaps attempt to get photography by mobile phone and so forth is called event teasing, which includes a small sex harassment or rape. If there is no parent or guardian or guardian with virtually any woman that will be sought after of eve teasing, we are able to say that certainly.

Now think a bit, we can give 100 % surety relating to eve teasing. But do we give one percent as to virtually any positive deed? All suicides caused by event teasing...


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