In the Composition, EPƒÇƒÃ, simply by Robert Bridges, Eros is known as an ¡§¡Kidol of the human race¡K¡¨ using a perfect form and looks, nevertheless , he contains no manifestation on his face. On the other hand, inside the poem, ARDOR, by Anne Stevenson, Eros is pictured as a ¡§thug¡¨ with a bruised and ¡§patchy¡¨ appearance. I really believe that although both experts are trying to communicate the same concept, they select different ways to go about it.

In the poem by simply Anne Stevenson, I believe that she is aiming to show that even though people, particularly the narrator, had been constantly seeking help and calling after the gods, they were not really thinking of other folks, but more so their own personal problems. Once Eros initial appears to the narrator, she is shocked and in disbelief of his physical appearance. Eros explains to the woman that he features that contact form due to all the feelings the girl and others include directed in the direction. He then tells the girl that as it is the gods that control the fortune of guy, they are the types that take all of the blame for things not really going well, and that is reflected after their actual form. I think that the author was aiming to show that from the scorn of gentleman, the gods were acquiring these mental beatings that resulted in physical marks, and show the selflessness of the gods as well. This is certainly done the moment Eros tells the girl that it can be better to get him to become all bruised than on her behalf to not have love.

However , when comparing the job of Anne Stevenson to the work of Robert Connections, I see that they not only talk about some of the same views, nevertheless also have their particular views too, in which each uses their own strategies and metaphors to convey. As opposed to Anne Stevenson¡¦s portrayal of Eros, Robert Bridges reveals the the almighty to be of perfect type and tone; and almost flawless. Not only is the appearance of the the almighty presented in different ways, but the overall attitude that he carries as well. Although Ann Stevenson shows Eros to be broken and battered, he carries a positive frame of mind; Robert...


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