An ideal halloween

It was a perfect Hallow's eve. There was a complete harvest moon, the wind was howling, the area was peaceful; even though children were trick-or-treating. My friends and I were holding out to go outside the house. Andrew, a blue eyed nerd, had been excited to move outside. Ashley, Alex and I were relaxed, but restless. We all opted for go out when it got more dark. We were most dressed up as zombies, those who ate guts and such.

" Lets move! Can we make sure you start and get some chocolate now!! ”

Yells Andrew. We all products up for evening. We declare good-byes to our parents and head off into the darkness.

Each of our first couple of residences were wonderful! We each got handfuls of delightful candy! After about twenty houses, we could barley lift up our carriers.

" Annie! I'm fed up, we have enough candy! Can we please return to your house, or do something fun for once! As though we visit a haunted house, or navigate to the park and scare several kids, anything! ”

I actually look at Claire, trying to figure out what he just said. A thing fun? We ask personally.

" Very well, theres this house around the corner. Really apparently haunted. But nobody knows for sure. There has beed evidence of flickering lights, moans from the property, and even shadows from the glass windows. ”

My answer is that considering we refuses to go there. Ashley looks at me shaking her head continually. Right before I can say anything at all, Andrew explodes.

" OH YEA MY GOSH! We have to go, we only have to! I guess its not really haunted. Let's just go, take a look, and see how bad it is actually. I bet its not even haunted. ”

Something tells me its an awful idea. But , Perhaps its okay, were continue to trick-or-treating. Thus we walk along the pavement to see if the property really appears scary. After that we come to an abrupt stop.

" Well, right here it is! ”

I exclaim. The house appeared black, it had dark green shudders that creaked whenever the wind shook them. Unlike any other house, this one was like a estate. It had a tall black picket wall surrounding this. Brown crispy leaves...


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