п»їThe Effect of Historic Egypt for the World Today

I. The ancient Egypt had much influence upon our present. It was the first world that created all the characteristics necessary to manage to have an improved life. The Ancient Egypt we still left us a great basis in each of these areas: medicine, artwork, architecture, science, religion, philosophy, engineering, fashion and producing. II. Old Egypt

1 . Duration of the disposition

2 . Language

3. Govt

III. Medicine

1 . Center center in the human being

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several. Interrogation to patient

4. Trends of Egypt Medicine

5. Embalming

IV. Art and Architecture

1 . Religious buildings

2 . Art

3. Figurines

4. Tombs

5. Attractive Arts

V. Sciences

1 . Math

2 . Astronomy

a few. Medicines

VI. Religion and Beliefs

1 . Gods

2 . Life following death

VII. Engineering

1 ) Irrigation canals

2 . Lake dams

three or more. Temples

4. Pyramids

a few. Dykes

VIII. Fashion

1 ) Beauty

2 . Cosmetics

IX. Conclusion: In conclusion, the Historical Egypt will usually have very much influence at the moment because he offered us many contributions. Many of these contributions had been of great energy as without one we have no the majority of the points that we have today. Thanks to the Egyptians we have medications, constructions, astronomy, cosmetics, good at order, this all was due to the intelligence as well as the evolution which were taking. By. Bibliography

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The old Egypt acquired much effect on the present. It was the first civilization that developed all the qualities necessary to be able to have got a better existence. The Historic Egypt all of us left us a solid basis in these fields: remedies, art, architecture, science, religion, beliefs, anatomist, fashion and writing. Historic Egypt had a duration of roughly three thousand years. It was the most that lasted coming from all eras. Ancient Egypt originated in the Nile Water and has become expanding throughout the continent. If he conquered the Roman Empire there was the fall of the world of historic Egypt. In this time the chinese language it was Persia. At around this time the Arabic is a language which is spoken in approximately twenty countries. At present Arabic is still spoken in Egypt. Ancient Egypt is well know because it was the time when the pharaohs were the governing the empire. The government of Ancient Egypt was a monarchy that is to say that the pharaoh was your only one who have ruled make their regulations, in the personnel had to be very well strict to be able to govern. The federal government of Historical Egypt was obviously a government very comprehensive and better prepared. Ancient Egypt was one of many periods which in turn most influenced the majority of on each of our present. One of the most important affects for this the time has been the time hath been the medicine. The Egyptians made great discoveries about the medicine. They commenced studying a persons anatomy was discovered drugs that way up to now are still used. The Egyptians had much knowledge about the mind and they stated that the cardiovascular system was the middle of man. Through these kinds of studies diagnosed by means of an interrogation that they can made the patient and so is that they allowed themselves to be to find out which was the disease the patient acquired. The Egyptians came to thrive in the understanding of anatomy, and in many cases frequently performed surgical functions.

Egyptian buildings is very important plus the most beautiful in the world. Egyptian building is based on spiritual temples, paintings, statues, tombs, decorative skill. Egyptian buildings have very much relation while using art, because outside of the temples, pyramids, statues, and embossed surfaces...

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