EDU 390 Week one particular to 3


Individual:  Reflection Daily news on Becoming a Teacher

Write a 700- to at least one, 050-word expression paper about becoming a teacher that includes the subsequent: Reasons for wanting to become a teacher

Personal characteristics that may make you a highly effective teacher How you will stay current in neuro-scientific education

How you can15484 maintain your love about instructing

Your educational philosophy

Learning Team:  Section Summary

The Learning Team is going to review the sections of the training Team Tool set.  � Each member of the staff will choose one of the subsequent sections and post a synopsis in the Learning Team community forum.  � Affiliates should brief review as ideal to ensure soft and effective operation in the team.  Sections to summarize: Starting

Getting to Results

Project Preparing

Decisions/Conflict Quality

Team Learning

NOTE:  � This is a person assignment Not just a group synopsis. � Every single person will content their section to a carefully thread in the Learning Team for all those other associates to reference.   � The sooner this is submitted, the sooner the team can move ahead with the various other Learning Team activities. WEEK TWO:

Person Program Progress Requirement:  Personal Assessment Interview Complete the individual Assessment Interview activity posted in the Main discussion board (available following Wednesday of Week 1). The purpose of this kind of interview is always to determine your temperament toward teaching and to present you with feedback regarding your personal qualities related to the teaching profession. Follow the recommendations as published.

Once a sufficient score is received you must after that complete the Interview type on TaskStream. � Tend not to complete the shape in TaskStream until obtaining an job grade in your individual online community. Access the form through TaskStream in the Tasks DRF via the course link. Submit the form in TaskStream to your faculty member Following the completion of the activity mainly course community forum. Individual:  Teacher Work Sample...


Resume Dissertation

The Video Video game Narrative Article