7-Eleven in Taiwan

Yuko Matsumuro

National Chengchi University


Nowadays, convenience stores have become more and more common in Taiwan. In the event you just shop around everywhere, you are going to soon discover there are a lot of convenience stores surrounding the town. Between several ease store chains, 7-Eleven, and also the President Chain Store Company, is the most popular one now. The paper focuses on why 7-Eleven is very successful in Taiwan and pursuits precisely what is behind it. At the beginning, to understand the positioning of 7-Eleven's parent firm Uni-President Enterprise Corporation (UPEC) in Taiwan, and check out how it influence the achievements of 7-Eleven. Also, based on your data which showed the consumers' satisfaction toward 7-Eleven's assistance, to consider how 7-Eleven's service activities are examined by buyers and what types of management guides they have. In last, the paper is going to discuss the influences of 7-Eleven's special marketing physical strategy and their advertisement results on buyers. These details will help us know how come 7-Eleven can certainly still improve. How come 7-Eleven succeed in Taiwan?


Based on the article " Taiwan Grocery stores 2010”, " In 2009, Taiwan's four key convenience retail outlet chains including 7-Eleven, Friends and family Mart, Hi-life, and FINE operated a total of on the lookout for, 184 retailers around the nation, a denseness of one retail outlet per a couple of, 500 people, making Taiwan the densest market in the world in terms of convenience stores. ” Amongst several comfort store restaurants, 7-Eleven is the most popular one out of Taiwan at this point. To think about the history of Taiwanese convenience stores, based on the article " The Development and Trend to get Convenience Stores” from Handling Convenience Stores Hypotheses, the Uni-President Enterprise Corporation (UPEC) had contributed the truly great role for the development of comfort store in Taiwan (Department of Economic climate, 2000). " In May twenty-seven, 1979, UPEC stated with fourteen string stores and in this year, UPEC cooperated with all the Southland Organization, having the longest history and the largest chain convenience store Firm in South usa, imported 7-Eleven to Taiwan” (Department of Economy, 2000). The initial 7-Eleven in Taiwan exposed in 80 with 27 stores plus the sale of this coming year was merely only NTD 1 . a couple of billion. Although 7-Eleven grew 62 retailers in 1984, the sale even now did not boost a lot, and 33 shops had been shut off this year (Lu and Luo, 2010). However, the 7-Eleven company did not stop to boost the number of retailers; in 1987 they did start to work a day with all 168 stores. Due to the fact that this turning point, 7-Eleven started to grow their business and in The spring 2010, 7-Eleven expanded with 4733 cycle stores which has a sale of NTD1017. 6 billion dollars in a year (Lu and Luo, 2010). This kind of paper is going to explore these kinds of following queries:

1 . Why 7-Eleven is very successful in Taiwan?

installment payments on your Does 7-Eleven's parent's firm the Uni-President Enterprise Company (UPEC) position relates to the success of 7-Eleven?

several. What kinds of strategies 7-Eleven provides?

It is beneficial to study for what reason 7-Eleven can certainly still improve and understand all their strategies and backgrounds. What is the Uni-President Enterprise Firm (UPEC)?

First of all, to understand the position of 7-Eleven's parent or guardian company Uni-President Enterprise Firm (UPEC) in Taiwan, and investigate how it influence the success of 7-Eleven. According to the document " The Revenue pertaining to UPEC in April is usually 41. 92 billion and increasing annually by six. 41%”, " The whole profit-making of UPEC in April recorded NT41. 92 billion, its improved 7. 41% from recently at the same time” (Yang, 2011). Uni-President Organization Corporation (UPEC) is the just company in Taiwan, that has many kinds of meals manufacture branches, and a large number of products can be made through only one branch (Chang, 2006). Major domestic subsidiaries of UPEC are such as 7-Eleven, Starbucks Caffeine Company, Mister Donuts, Muji (Taiwan) Company.,...

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