Management of Culinary OperationsPractical log book

Each week log report| Theme title: ChristmasWeek: 10Date: 29/11/12| Student role: - Identify job role and activitiesIris and I were given the position of bar staff on that particular night. The job was going to ensure the members of staff received their refreshments order in a swift method to ensure that client satisfaction was maintained to the greatest percentage all the time. Our task was to put the drinks buy in the right up until in accordance with the right table the guests were present. Print a bill for the waiting personnel to produce to the customer and then naturally dispense the preferred beverages to the member of staff that will in turn present these for the guests. After set up of the restaurant my own job was to ensure dining tables had been correctly set tablecloths had been located etc . | Note concerns arising within allocated position and how you dealt with them: One significant problem was that all eighty guests had been arriving at the main one time which meant that all of these guests wanted drinks at the one time which in turn put the club staff under a considerable amount of pressure to provide beverages successfully and efficiently and to the utmost of specifications. Another crucial problem was the cocktail exhibition was not displayed to the team yet had to be depicted to the club staff even though the guests had been arriving. | Difficulties/problems discovered using the tips noted in page a few of Sensible Handbook: a) Kitchen b) Restaurant c) BarBar: Again problems are stated above however , upon create the spectacles were extremely filthy and were not clean enough to become served to guests therefore most of the eyeglasses had to be removed again and cleaned to perfection. | Recommendations for improvement of operation: One big improvement needed is that of after the restaurant has become set up to make sure all glassware, cutlery and crockery within the tables is of perfect specifications and that the set up has also been completed in the correct...


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