felt worse and unfulfilled.  "... Were crude and sorrowful and superficial-- I believe we are dropped. ”(P123) When Paul understands that we are all brothers, authentic mental have difficulty is seen.  " Comrade, I did not desire to you do not... Why do they by no means tell us you are poor devils like us... and that you have the same anxiety about death... Whenever we could merely throw away these riffles which uniform you can be my brother... ” (p. 223-224).  The apparent enhancements made on views on the war is now extremely noticeable. In a war there is obviously apparent physical scars.  As seen throughout the entire book, the destruction of war is fantastic, on not only lives and property, although also on the human nature.  The young men from this book associated with those of the times were subject to physical anguish.  Eye were blinded from such sights because, limbs getting blown away, blood moving everywhere, and innocent men dying in agony.  When military take refuge in the graveyard, bombs explode all around them; the living hide in coffins and the deceased are thrown from their fatal.  The destructive power is so superb that even the fundamental distinctions between lifestyle and death become blurred.    All Quiet for the Western Entrance is a novel that described World War I since it actually was.  There were no glucose coating whatsoever. It is able to display all facets of the actual warfare and has left a clean-cut picture of just how horrific war really is.  Readers of this novel can now understand just so why that there is actually no true point to battle.  Whoever said that eliminating millions of people above pride and territory can be not as well bright.  The story began with pride and ended with unbearable agony.


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