MKTG 561 Homework2: Riding the plus-size say

In the past several years, Hollywood and advertising multimedia defined a stereotypical image of women because poreless, hipless, silkenhaired, size 0, excellent women. However , Lane Bryant, a plus-size retailer and a girl company of Charming Shoppes, Inc., attempted to change this kind of perception and improve self-concept, self-esteem, and self-consciousness of plus-size ladies. As a result, it can do work. At the moment Lane Bryant generates 74% of Enchanting Shoppes' revenue from plus-size clothing.

This plus-size market is quite huge as it contains 62% of American women, in the past, plus-size customers tend to spend much less as a percentage of their profits on clothing when compare to other buyer groups. The analysts imagine this is because of a few availability of trendy plus-size clothing. Plus-size women may be curvier, but they still want to be stylish just like girls that are standard size. Thus, this is a good opportunity for plus-size suppliers to fulfill this kind of need. In addition , plus-size ladies are more accepting their systems and are affected positively by role unit. Lane Bryant strategy is always to send the message that plus-size females can be elegant in its advertising and marketing and promotional campaign. The manufacturer offers En Vouge style, which is generally for modestly sized clients and it also present up-scale jean collection and expand in lingerie market by its new nighties brand referred to as " Cacique”, which is bought from Lane Bryant stores as well as own stand-alone stores. The achievements of Lane Bryant can be suggested by their sales efficiency and it ranked number 2 in plus-size market, subsequent Walmart.

After customer perception about typical ladies is changed, other suppliers try to increase to this plus-size market and raise the competition. The company should be aware of competition and try to set suitable marketing strategies. The main element to accomplishment in this marketplace is to create elegant clothing to satisfy their require. Since...


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