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Task 1

Dominican Republic and Bolivia

Throughout this Module one particular, I have found that Latin America refers to all those countries in Caribbean isle and South America that has different languages is grounded in Latina. French, Spanish and or Portuguese would be regarded part of Latin America. Due to Latin America, Dominican Republic and Republic of bolivia shares the same roots of Latin plus they share some similar and differences between them. On one hand, the similarity between Dominican Republic and Republic of bolivia is the traditions life. Both these styles the countries shares a similar religion belief in Both roman Catholic even so there is one other belief in Christian faiths. The language is usually spoken inside the same Spanish language. The similarity in Latin meals between Dominican Republic and Bolivia consists of roasted this halloween, pork, rice, and rooster. On an additional hand, the first big difference between Dominican Republic and Bolivia is the geographical place. Dominican Republic is an island found on the Atlantic Marine and include next to Haiti. The land provides the highest and lowest elevations in the Dominican Republic. The climate is usually mild exotic weather. Most often, Dominican Republic has experienced the damage by simply tropical thunder or wind storms and hurricanes. The capital of Dominican Republic is Onomastica Domingo plus the population is usually 10, 276, 621. Bolivia is located in the western region of the South usa and encompass to Brazil, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina. This land offers relief and has many big landforms which have been mountains which contain numerous active volcanoes. The climate in Bolivia features experience damp air, and humid atmosphere. It has incredibly sunny climate and less rainy than the Dominican Republic. The main city of Republic of bolivia is La Paz as well as the population is usually 10, 496, 285. While the result of the basis of Latina that play important role in Latin America, Dominican Republic and Bolivia shares a few similar and differences together.

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