Connections enhance understanding inside the pairs of texts collection for research. To what level is this made evident in the texts you have studied? (Pride and Prejudice and Letters to Alice)

Through exploring the connections between Jane Austen's canonical Pride and Prejudice and Fay Weldon's Letters to Alice upon First Browsing Jane Austen readers gain a better comprehension of the ways the values looked into in the ex - are reshaped to contextually fit these. Although Austen and Weldon voice all their perceptions and criticisms of society in various ways, they both check out women's placement and the expectations of women in society, whilst also exploring women's voyage towards independence and self-development through a prevalent use of words and the exploration of the value of literature.

The two Austen and Weldon make perceptions and criticisms of their societies though both authors omit the political and economical incidents of their times " surely from choice rather than ignorance”. Furthermore, Weldon is able to criticise Austen's society more harshly than Austen could while she is " looking at a society externally in, not really the inside out. ” Weldon also opinions her own society just like be seen through the repetition of ‘too' in " you are, My spouse and i suspect… also secure inside your opinions to care much about what moves on in your society”. It is here we see the irony of Weldon's didactic criticism of Alice's generation; your woman accuses Alice's generation penalized unaware of the conditions of her society despite the fact that she herself makes tiny reference to these kinds of conditions. This kind of examination of the ways in which both equally authors criticise their societies results in an enriched comprehension of each author's individual societal context.

One main category underneath which perceptions of the author's societies are made is through both a great implicit and explicit exploration of women's location and their inequality and dependence on men within their societies. Weldon's explanation of women's...


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