Explain just how Occupational Health insurance and Safety (OH& S) plays a role in managing a persons resource environment. An organization should be concerned of each employee's both psychological and physical status. Therefore the workforce can perform the given jobs accurately and efficiently and an organization as well must ensure that there are no threats to their employees' health in performing these given jobs, this is known as Occupational Health and Safety. Work-related Health and Security play a primary role in managing the Human resource environment of an organization effectively, effectively and monetarily as the employees is the driving force of an corporation. In order to gain better performance out from the staff, a safe working environment has to be designed ergonomically that will ensure safety and less tension on the workers as no individual would want to work at place that may be hazardous to his or her health. In this manner the workers will be more ready to work and will also be more easily to handle with as their job fulfillment will be for a higher level that can thereby allow to manage your resources within the organization with ease also increasing the production output in return. Ensuring occupational health and safety sometimes brings up particular issues. One particular issue is the fact health and safety measures have to be constantly renewed in line with the constantly changing situations. The type of situation is the ageing of workforce in Australia. According to a article written by Australian Exhibitions and Conventions (2006) aging of human population has been a significant impact on Work-related Health and Protection. TheВ Product Creation Manager, CGU Safety and Risk Services, Angela Micic spoke with the 2006 Sydney Safety Demonstrate that ageing of staff has affected Australia as a whole. Statistics shows that there has been a decline inside the workforce which range from 22 to 44 via 1944. The ABS figures for 03 2004 show a engagement rate of 63. 5 per cent to get 55...


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