Katelyn Power

Mrs. Jennings

Composition and Literature

12 April 2012

Depression in Teenage Girls

Enter any secondary school classroom in the United States today, and chances are for least upon student there is certainly suffering from depressive disorder (Shute). Consider it, she's present, head on her desk. The teacher yells at her to move to my job unless the girl wants to pay attention. When you have a closer appear, you can see the bags under her eyes, the red marks on her arms, her skinny body structure. She actually is suffering from depressive disorder. " One in every five teenagers will more than likely suffer a depressive instance by the age of 18” (Mayoh). To help adolescent girls dealing with depression, People should get them psychological help, increase parental consciousness, and generate school programs to address the situation. There are many different types of therapies that a adolescent girl may go through. You will find behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral remedy, interpersonal therapy, and group therapy (Miller 43-9). Behavioral therapy is centered on patterns, not thoughts. Cognitive-behavioral therapy stands for changing thinking patterns and the patient's behavior (Miller 45). Interpersonal therapy is short-term and that deals with social relationships around the patient (Miller 46). " Group psychiatric therapy is a special form of therapy in which a few people discuss with a expertly trained therapist” (Miller 47).

There are many different anti-depressants that can be used to get a teenager suffering from depression. The teenager may be prescribed to use lexapro or different depressants. Psychiatrists have lengthy known that teens turn into agitated, stressed, and have trouble sleeping when they begun to take anti-depressants (Shute). " Pills may not cure the situation itself, any more that a Band-aid heals a cut, but your body can heal itself, with the right support” (Miller 53). The serving will start off low, an introduction to the remedies, then the person's doctor will increase the dose...

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