Deadly, Unna? By Phillip Gwynne

Section 1

Presents you to Blacky (Gary Black) narrator & other characters he takes on footy- the phone number 1 ruck can't perform & Blacky has to enjoy ruck in finals. 3. The nungas are the primitive people as well as the goonyas are definitely the white people. 4. someone quite enjoys Blacky, his nicknames are very funny & we realise why he is frightened & might be seen as a ‘gutless wonder' Traditions, racism

Part 2

Describes how the nungas look like they may be playing a completely different game to what we could because the mess around on the flanks 5. Wangaroo is a 1 man group because there is a person same size as Merlu but only the age of Blacky 6. Since before the video game the thumper eats a pie

several. The labels will be gutless wonder, gutless young man, gutless lady, slack young man, slack lady. They are crucial because they will stick with you forever certainly not matter what -conflict

Chapter a few

Tells you that Arks was a real winner in his day time, Coach Robertson has never gained a grand final, Coach Robertson wife went away and left him with the kids & Arks played A grade footy when he was 14 eight. arks is definitely the coach of Blacky's group and he was good at football

Chapter 5

Arks acquired Blacky. That they went down for the oval to train some of Blacky's ruck function and objective kicking. Blacky is the most severe kick by goal, he is the worst kick in the whole peninsula. Arks was talking to him about his football profession. And Blacky said to him, we are bound to get this grand final. twelve.

Chapter 7

Best team-man's real identity is Timothy. Timothy David Black. Everyone called him best group man. He played in the back bank and was shorter than everyone else, nevertheless allot more powerful. Last summer season they gone floating into the island on the old man dinghy. The old man asked them why they went that far down and timothy said it absolutely was all my idea, just my idea. -internal conflict

Chapter 8

Blacky went outside on a good night; it had been a very obvious night. He was thinking.. this individual...


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