We are executing this survey to obtain the opinion about top to bottom expansion along with your preferences if to live in multi-storey building or individual residences. The given questionnaire contains questions with regards to personal information, behavior and view. It is asked that ahead of filling the questionnaire read it carefully and twenty-four hours a day ask virtually any question regarding the information asked. However , you may quit without notice during the filling up of information if you are uncomfortable.

All the information gathered through this kind of survey will stay confidential with out record will probably be kept after analysis. Therefore collected data will only provide for academic purpose and may not be passed on to others.

Signature: _______________________

Date: _______________________

Prepared by:

Iqra Nadeem Anjum

Faiza Hafeez

Sustainable Creation Study Center

Government University University, Lahore


1: Name: _____________________

2: Age:

a) 15 b) 20-25 c) 25-30 d) 30-35 e) thirty five and previously mentioned

3: Gender:

a) Men b) Feminine

4: Talk about: ________________________________________________________________

a few: Occupation:

a) Studentb) Exclusive Businessc) Exclusive Serviced) Federal government Service e)House wifef) Different (Please Specify) _______________________________________

six: Education:

a) Intermediate b) Graduate c) Masters d) Subject Professional e) Matriculation or Under

7: Family members Type:

a) Singleb) Joint

8: Family Size:

a) 2-4b) 4-8 c) 8 or above

9: Number of family members who generate and what is their occupation: ___________________

12: Monthly Expenses of:

Foodstuff ________________________










House Maintenance________________________

Approximate Total Expenses: __________________

11: Approximate Monthly Cash flow:

a) ten thousand or below b) twelve, 000-30, 000 c) 35, 000-60, 500 d) 60, 000 or above

12: Sort of Residence:

a) Multi Storey Building / Apartment b) Residential Colony c) Hostel

13: Status of Own Housing:

a) Ownb) On Rent

14: In the event that rented, after that please mention the amount of the rent: _____________________________ 15: Group: ______________


1: Age of building_________________

two: Condition of building_________________

3: Latitude_________________

4: Altitude_________________

5: Temperature_________________

6: Sunlight Hours_________________

six: Building area_________________

8: Streets orientation_________________

9: Street widths_________________

10: Mass distribution_________________

eleven: Vegetation_________________

doze: Air velocity_________________

13: Air flow flow/ ventilation_________________

14: Noise level_________________

12-15: Disturbance coming from traffic_________________

sixteen: Any accidental history

a) Yesb) Not any c) Not sure

17: Safety precautions adopted following your accident

a) Yesb) Zero c) Unsure

If yes, are you satisfied with all of them?

a) Yesb) No c) May be

18: Training sessions intended for residents to deal in crisis situation a) Yesb) Not any c) Not sure

19: Mitigation processes pertaining to safety via or to reduce the intensity of dust storms/ rain/ cyclone/earth quake a) Yesb) Zero c) Not sure

20: Any plans intended for vertical greenery or green space in operation or recommended a) Yesb) No c) Not sure

21: Quality Rank intended for the environment

a) Excellentb) Goodc) Faird) Not really satisfactory


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