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Name: -- Gunjan Bansal

Title: В -В A Study On" Credit Bank loan Appraisal " In Icici Bank PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

The research shows that the way the ICICI lender gives the loans to their customers. Credit rating appraisal is performed to evaluate the credit worthiness of your borrower. The credit appraisals for any organization basically stick to these steps: Examination of credit rating need, economic statement evaluation, and economic ratios in the company, credit history, working capital need, term financial loan analysis, distribution of files, NPA category and restoration. В

The main aim of research is to find out the fact which is hidden and that has not recently been discovered as yet. Though each research study possesses its own Specific purpose, we may think of following broadВ categories: В

* To get familiarity with a phenomenon or achieve new insights with it. * To portray accurately the characteristics of a particular person, Situation or possibly a group. 2. To determine the regularity with which somethingВ occurs or with which it is linked to something else. В

It is a way toВ systematically solve the research difficulty. It may be comprehended as a research of studying how research is done clinically. In it we analyze the various steps that are generally adopted byВ a researcher in studying his research issue along with the reasoning behind them OBJECTIVES OF THE RESEARCH:

* Determine various unbekannte on basic of which credit rating appraisal can be conducted. * To understand the explanation for choosing these types of parameter.

* To identify how score get against each one of these parameter. * Recommendations


a. The research restricted to only 1 branch.

n. The time constraint was a limiting factor, because more time required carrying out study on other aspects of the topic. c. Due to secrecy it is hard obtain genuine facts and figures of...


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