January summer, 2012

Mister. Lawrence Manolio

8045 Leesburg Pike, Tower system III

Package 700

Vienna, Virginia 22182

United States

Special Mr. Manolio

After exploring through the hiresmith. net databases I came across the opening for any part time internships position, which was posted on March 15, 2011. I feel that at this point in my profession I i am suitable for this position and can add my social, quantitative, and analytical expertise. I am currently still working on my personal Bachelor's Level in Intercontinental Business and possess three semesters remaining. My personal work experience, plus the courses which i have taken, have all challenged me personally in ways that can contribute to the general success of the company.

This past year I was employed by Westat being a research associate to quality control task management for the Office of Workers Management. This kind of experience offered me a first hand training about paying attention to details and making sure everything is proper and organized. It trained me how to find an issue, report it, then resolve this. I was also held responsible to coach new personnel and stay in meetings. All of this taught me more a technical skill, although also the right way to work well with others, maintain a good attitude, and be a highly effective leader.

Being a current college student enrolled in the University of Maryland's Robert H. Cruz School of Business, I've taken various quantitative programs such as Accounting, Calculus, Economics, and Financing. These courses have skilled me becoming a well-rounded thinker and problems solver. Learning these skills can be very useful for investment brokerage as much of their particular work is related to crunching numbers and computations. These classes have given me teaching on how to take on problems in lots of different ways.

After careful overview of my continue and brief summary of certification, please twenty-four hours a day email me by [email protected] umd. edu or perhaps call me at (240)-751-6840, as I can be happy to answer whatever concerns you may have for me personally. I hope that individuals can build...


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