U03A1 Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams [Learner Name]

COUN5004 – Review of Analysis in Individual Development to get Professional Advisors [Date]

Doctor Preston-Josey

U03A1 Counseling Areas of expertise and Multidisciplinary Teams ** NOTE **

Below are possible headings to make sure you include info regarding for all requirements and expectations of U03A1. Make sure you read through the notes from this document for further assistance. Traditional Perspective of the Counseling Job




Desired Counseling Specialty area

Counseling Field of expertise [Name the second specialization]

Cooperation of Counselling Specializations

Function and Function of Each Professional

Attributes of an Powerful Counselor

Effort and Communication

[Include a Summary paragraph towards the end of your paper]

[According to APA suggestions, first level headings are centered and bold. Second level headings are left-aligned and bold] Recommendations


Gladding, T. T., & Newsome, G. W. (2010). Clinical mental health counselling in community and agency settings (3rd ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ-NEW JERSEY: Merrill.

** NOTICE **

Check with your APA manual for proper examples on citing and referencing APA style. The Capella Writing Middle also has helpful tutorials. Under is a set of common errors; please pay out particular focus on: Formatting a running head

Formatting a reference site


Utilization of upper and lower circumstance


Make use of double-spacing

Comma/period placement

Make use of internal info

Proper grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph duration


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