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The importance of agriculture in Bangladesh requires no decoration. It performs a crucial role in national economic system, food protection and work force employment. Increased productivity within a sustainable method under almost all sub-sectors of agriculture is known as a crying need of the nation to cater the developing demand in the increasing populace. Although, there is a commendable success in agricultural R& D, especially in rice and vegetable over the last three decades, yet there exists a growing matter among the researchers and plan planners about how to meet the demand of the raising population in future when our natural reference base (land, soil & water) can be shrinking and degrading. The problem becomes graver with local climate change. This is certainly really a solid challenge for the nation. A rest through in agricultural R& D can only ease the situation. Concerted initiatives for powerful research and development with policy support would be the important instruments to get increasing efficiency and creation to cope with future demand. Through this context, recognition and prioritization of the researchable areas/issues below all sub-sectors of culture is an important prerequisite for best utilization of the available countrywide resources. However , in order to funnel the potential rewards, the research and development efforts must be supported with satisfactory financial and technically certified and dedicated human resources.

Underneath the above stated backdrops, Bangladesh Agricultural Exploration Council (BARC) being an pinnacle body with the National Gardening Research System (NARS) has taken up a job to prepare a Vision Record on Agriculture for 2030 and beyond. Identification of researchable problems under distinct sub-sectors of agriculture and their priority ranking as substantial, medium and low is definitely the 1st step up undertaking L & Deb projects in agriculture. Top priority setting, a vital part of analysis planning method would be a fundamental element of this perspective document. To achieve this task, doze national experts were interested to prepare qualifications papers underneath 12 diverse sub-sectors of agriculture wherever priority setting in farming research will be an essential component. Background papers prepared by the nationwide experts with priority ranking in gardening research had been presented before the senior experts of NARS institutes and senior expansion officials intended for discussion and feedback. Local level concerns as identified by CIGARETTE members and incorporated in the Upazila Expansion Micro programs were also deemed in top priority setting method. Basically, trouble oriented scoring and worth judgment approaches were used in this workout. Key parameters considered from this priority placing exercise were: severity from the problem, extent of the issue, magnitude of economic damage due to this issue, chance of answer of the problem, size of named beneficiary farmers, time for you to be required to solve the problem and cost required for the solution.

Each of our goal is to bring an escape through in agricultural R& D pertaining to enhanced productivity in all subsectors of agriculture. With that end in view, a listing of priority researchable areas/issues under all sub-sectors of agriculture has been ready after a number of consultative meetings/workshops with relevant stakeholders, including farmers for the next 20 years and beyond. We am quite definitely hopeful that priority list prepared by the competent professionals of the nation...

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