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Millat Products Limited (MEL) is a a part of Millat Group, comprising of three others, Millat Tractors Limited (MTL), Bolan Diffusion Limited (BCL) and Millat Industrial Products (MIPL). Millat Equipment Limited is one of the leading manufacturing agencies in Pakistan producing transmitting components. The corporation acquired a whole gear manufacturing setup along with cutting edge inspection service from M/s AGCO Limited-UK, (owners with the Massey Ferguson brand of tractors) with a comprehension to buy back again the transmitting components following meeting the local requirements of AGCO Licensee in Pakistan. The HUMAN RESOURCES Department

The HR office of Millat equipment Limited. is relatively new and consists of a manager, mouthpiece manager, assistant mangers, jr executives and further assistants to junior professionals. The structure of department is very up and down and the junior executives have got often have to report directly to the Supervisor HR, which in turn bypasses the chain of hierarchy. We interviewed Mr. Shafiq your Rehman who may be the manager HR and has been with Millat Gear Ltd. Intended for 6 years now. This project protects the various areas of c& n policies of Millat Tools Ltd. MEL does not stick to formal job grades or salary varies. It is determined the facets of structure of the work and the income range for senior manager does not fall season within any specific selection. Benefits supplied include medical allowances, travelling allowances, earnings advances, car schemes and life insurance. Increments are not efficiency based but are annual. Bonus deals don't possibly have requirements and they contain WPPF, Eid bonuses and also other bonuses as per head office's discretion. The only difference between temporary and permanent worker is that the everlasting employee is offered more likelihood of career advancement. Personnel are retained through flexible organizational lifestyle, annual meals, equity in c& m, training and development options. MEL have got indexed their particular salary by simply comparing with the vendors and suppliers as they have no immediate competition. They also used " Abacus” salary survey sometime later it was they identified that their very own salary package deal was low as compared to various other organizations of their scale and therefore are trying to update their plans.

Organizational Graph and or chart HR Dept.


There are zero specific work grades described in Millat Equipments Ltd. Instead of making use of the usual grading they have divided employees in two types. 1 ) Workers that include

a. Helpers (7000-7300 Rs. )

b. Technicians (7800 -9900 Rs. )

c. Machinist (7400-7700 Rs. )

g. Assistant (10, 000-15000 Rs. )

installment payments on your Executives

a. Junior Professionals (16000-28000 Rs. )

w. Assistant Managers (29000-43000 Rs. )

c. Deputy Managers (43000-80, 000 Rs. )

d. Managers (80, 000-120, 000)

e. Senior Managers (120, 000-200, 000)

n. Deputy General Manager (ofcourse not disclosed, taken care of by the brain office) g. General Manager (Handled by head office and never disclosed)


For executives it is performed on the basis of the next but it will have a change in the percentage of some other components of salary apart from the fundamental salary. A Deputy Administrator will have an increased percentage of house lease which is usually 45% of basic salary for the assistant manager. This kind of will also be the situation with other components of salary. Simple Salary

Residence Rent




Assessment of basic earnings: It is decided solely on such basis as qualification and experience. Personnel

a. Adjoint ( central to matriculation sometimes even illiterate and no experience required) b. Technicians (Diploma of Relate Engineering with minimal experience) c. Machinist (TTC Degree and connection with up to a couple of yrs)

deb. Assistant ( Bachelors or higher no specific experience)


a. Younger Executives (Bachelors or higher connection with 3-4 yrs) b. Assistant Managers ( Masters or higher, 4 years or beyond...


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