Embrace multifarious functions and services which have been attributed to other types of banks. A savings department, a trust department, and also other such departments may be encased in a commercial bank. This report differentiates the difference among commercial banking institutions and common bank.

Capabilities of a Business Bank

The most typical functions of (KB's) Business Bank would be the following: 1 . Deposit Function – primarily receives demand deposits which could only be taken by means of checks. Also, obtain other types of build up. 2 . Financial loan Function – advances amounts of money for relatively short periods of time to persons involved in commerce and trade. a few. Exchange Function – identifies the copy of money without the physical transfer of money. Commercial banks deal in offsetting of book entries possibly domestically or internationally. four. Trust Function – take part in fiduciary activities such as managers of locations, guardians of minor's curiosity; registrars and transfer providers of shares and a genuine; executors of last legal documents and legs. 5. Advisory Function – give qualified advices to clients on the business dealings.


1 . Local rental of safe deposit bins

2 . Sale of drafts and cashier's bank checks

3. Sale of traveler's examine

4. Collection Agent

five. Credit Information

6. Payrolls

Sec. up to 29. Powers of the Commercial Bank – Ad advertisement bank shall have, as well as the general powers incident to corporations, all such powers as could possibly be necessary to keep on the business of commercial banking, including accepting drafts and giving letters of credit; discounting and settling promissory remarks, drafts, expenses of exchange, and other evidences of financial debt. Sec. 35. Equity Purchases of a Commercial Bank – A commercial traditional bank may, be subject to the consitions stated in the succeeding paragraphs, invest just in the equities of of that ilk enterprises since may be determined by the Financial Board.

Other than as the Monetary Board may otherwise prescribe:

35. 1 The whole investment in equities of allied corporations shall not go over (35%) with the net worth from the banks; and 30. two The collateral investment in different one organization shall not surpass (25%) with the net worth in the bank. Sec. 31. Value Investments of a Commercial Bank in Financial Allied Enterprises – A commercial financial institution may come to grips with one hundred percent in the equity of any thrift traditional bank or a non-urban bank. Securities and exchange commission's. 32. Collateral Investments of a Commercial Lender in Non-Financial Allied Companies – Ad advertisement bank may possibly own up to one hundred percent of the collateral in a non-financial allied venture.


Is additionally a commercial bank, A UB exercises the powers and services official for a KB. UB's essential minimum capital is P4, 950. 0 (in mil pesos). Therefore, a UB is also called an extended commercial lender (EKB). The Powers of any UB can be clearly established in the New Banking Legislation of 2150, otherwise referred to as R. A 8791, Underneath Chapter IV, Article I: Sec. twenty three. Powers of your Universal Lender – A UB shall have the expert to physical exercise, in addition to the powers authorized for a commercial bank in Section 29. Securities and exchange commission's. 24. Fairness Investments of any UB – A UB may, susceptible to the conditions stated in the being successful paragraph, buy the equities of allied and non-allied businesses as by Monetary Panel. Except as the Financial Board may well otherwise prescribe:

24. you The total expenditure in equities of sibling and non-allied enterprises shall not exceed (50%) of the fortune of the financial institution; and 24. 2 the equity expenditure in any one particular enterprise, if allied or non-allied, shall not exceed (25%) of the net worth of the financial institution. Sec. twenty-five. Equity Investments of a UB in Financial Allied Enterprise – A UB can own up to one hundred percent in the equity within a thrift financial institution, a rural bank, or a financial of that ilk enterprise. A publicly outlined UB or KB might own up to fully of the voting stock of only one various other UB or KB. Sec. 26. Equity Investments of a Universal Financial institution in nonfinancial Allied Enterprises –...


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