Yellow-colored Team Enterprises Report

Center Planning Pitch

Internet site for transform: ‘Old golf courts' about Bedford Grounds

Build Name: UOB Clubhouse

Approximated cost: £600, 000



Development of Pitch

Essential findings

Final decision




Scope of Business – Mission, Aspires and Goals

Yellow Group Enterprise (YTE) believe that the proposed facility development is a great opportunity for the ‘old golf courts' being transformed into an area that can offer employability, education, enjoyment and exercise within the University of Bedfordshire, Bedford Campus and the wider Bedford area. The vision established by the group seek to arrange both with all the ambitions from the University of Bedfordshire Sporting activities Strategy as well as the objectives of Bedford Area Council Sports activities Development Unit. Through this kind of report the stages of team pitch will be made clear with the practical and ambitious plans delivered to light. Yellowish Team Corporations building a better brighter healthy and balanced tomorrow!

The YTE team aim for the service to be available to all students and which has a significant lower price to University of Bedfordshire Athletic Union cards holders and staff members. Mainly because students are certainly not around the location all year round, they have accepted the need to provide access to the public for selection of uses by certain times. It can be close to the Polhill Sports Discipline it acts, with design considerations manufactured on environmental factors and potential place in the future pertaining to expansion. The clubhouse can comprise of some changing bedrooms for home and away groups, a fitness selection, a tavern and golf club room and a conference place. (appendix1 has more information) Aims:

The construction in the ‘UOB Clubhouse' as a multiuse sports club to help boost the experience of our students and native residents who also use the Polhill Sports Discipline. Pursuing the probability of making the facility your home of community Sport clubs.

UOB Clubhouse is to be applied as a top quality facility which will house 4 changing areas which can each be shared by approximately twenty persons accommodating guy and females, with wheelchair end user access obtainable.

To build up a fitness package for the scholars and staff who use the university and native residents by specific times, including top of the range cardio-vascular equipment, resistance equipment and leading shower facilities.

A dedication to investment of additional financing into enhancing and broadening our features and other showing off sites possessed by the University.

Move partnerships with local businesses, education services, charities and generate awareness of the center.

Commitment supplying everyone upon campus and wider community, the opportunity to obtain fitter and highlight the key benefits of a healthy life-style.

Conference space available to organizations or organisations, to generate a few income with equipment including projectors and computers available to rent.

To provide sufficient parking pertaining to the users of the facility with pay and display functioning.

To become facility the Bedford University or college can be pleased with and build a good impression of all tourists who use the site.

Development of Pitch

An overview of the Bedford Campus and community and establishing through demonstrating a knowledge of the are the YTE try to show we have a need. YTE Team realize that as the world's economic system recovers the Bedford Area will be trying to ensure that it is communities have best chance to access regional jobs. They will aim to present that the Area is a great place for business to prosper which will our ideal plan for the clubhouse aims to provide. YTE team visit a chance to improve the account of area and as a modern day developing place with this kind of build we all aim to open the potential and help Bedford Area thrive by improving...


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