Negative Effects of Media in Teenagers

Hasan Kanchwala

American University of Sharjah

Negative Effects of Multimedia on Teenagers

Over the past ten years, people have become quite dependent on media so as to get information about what is going on in the world around them. Among various other things, media includes magazines, newspapers and television, which supplies users with information concerning recent innovations and developments, entertainment articles or blog posts and much more. Today, this information is additionally available online, which allows users easy access, whenever, anywhere. Technical advancements include facilitated the spreading details, both effectively and quickly and cheaply. However , as a result of the benefits attained by most such breakthroughs, people are not really realizing the harmful results on modern-day youth. Teenager's addiction to press results in sociable, mental and health problems. The impact of mass media on the sociable lives of teenagers have been quite destructive. Teenagers often get dependent on information coming from media very easily. This craving outcomes in a failure to have a decent, sociable life, because they spend more time making use of the different types of mass media, rather than reaching the people around them. Television has the greatest influence on the interpersonal life of the teenager. On an average, a teen usually spends at least 4ВЅ several hours a day watching television. (Uzoma, 2014) This ends in less time to get the individual to interact with other folks. Even though television set helps in fulfilling certain sociable needs of your teenager, it does not help in growing the cultural skills necessary in everyday activities. As a result, teens may encounter difficulties after they gets into a university. That they could face hardships while making fresh friends or maybe while starting a general chat with their classmates. Their lack of social skills would likewise create troubles for them if they would obtain a job, as various elements in a job require...

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