Volpone, written by Ben Jonson, is all about a prosperous con musician who is conned by his ‘parasite' servant. It can be asserted that his servant, Receloso, is the the case comic leading man of the comedy on account of him being essential to the cons. The traditional comedian hero is definitely one who has the capacity to make the target audience laugh. Their particular status in society runs between upper and central class. In spite of events that may seem to trigger the demise of the ‘traditional comic hero', conventionally, they have a happy ending and tranquility is restored to world surrounding these people. In contrast, Mosca is not just a traditional comic hero. He does not fit in with any of the traditional comic conferences. However , it could be argued that Volpone can be not a classic comedy both. This could be stated because there is not any happy stopping as Volpone is imprisoned and Receloso is consigned to a slave galley. There is no marriage in the play plus the so called ‘hero' is locked up. Mosca is usually not an excellent source of status throughout the beginning of the enjoy but attempts to gain a better status throughout the betraying of Volpone towards the end. Does this produce him a comic hero? It does to some extent, when he is portrayed as a dedicated servant pursuing his masters orders and Volpone generally seems to trust him wholly as well as the thought of Mosqueado betraying him does not possibly cross his mind. Nevertheless , common sense dictates that Volpone is the authentic comic hero as he is a protagonist plus the play is named after him. Aristotle's meaning of a true amusing hero is usually someone who has low to common morals which is also most likely a ‘smart servant'. Mosca fits this definition properly. We have found that Jonson is a great enthusiast of Aristotle; currently following the classical unities. Jonson says in his prologue: " The laws and regulations of time, place, persons he observeth; ” (The Prologue, Line 31). The action of the play is restricted to 1 day and leap back or forwards in time, rewarding the unity of time. The play happens on a single level set in Venice, fulfilling the...


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